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Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform unlocks interview capacity and boosts collaboration for busy teams that need to improve the speed and quality of the hiring process.

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Saved 438 hours over 900 interviews

“If you’re considering using Spark Hire…it’s going to streamline your process. And it’s going to help you find the right candidate earlier on, which is every recruiter’s goal.”

Julia Vlahos Headshot

Julia Vlahos
Recruiter, Bentkey Ventures

Hired 100 employeesin one month

“It is an affordable and efficient way to screen candidates. It saves SO much time!”

Amy Hargrove Headshot

Amy Hargrove,
Recruiter, All Web Leads

Saved $91,000/yrwith Spark Hire

“Spark Hire is really easy for the entire team and also the end users because it is such an intuitive platform.”

Chris Tatum headshot

Chris Tatum
Director, Amarillo ISD

Video interview platform

Don’t let capacity constraints get in the way of making quality hiring decisions

Screen unlimited candidates at the same time

Candidates complete one-way video interviews on their own which means you don’t lose days or weeks in the hiring process with back-and-forth scheduling.

“Before Spark Hire, we had an issue with capacity. With a lean team, it’s hard to cover interviews with individuals, the scheduling, the rescheduling, and then also execute on the full cycle recruitment. Now that we have Spark Hire, it has been tenfold an opportunity for us to leverage our capacity in a different way.”

Kristal Shropshire headshot

Kristal Shropshire,

Achievement Network

Send One Way Interview to all candidates, and each completes the interview on their own time
Resume plus a recorded one-way interview allows for more context

Get key context from a wider range of candidates

With increased interviewing capacity, you give more candidates the opportunity to add context to their resumes, improving your quality of hire.

“Spark Hire has been instrumental in helping us open up our candidate pool and enabling our hiring managers to get more context than just a CV.”

Samantha McCaul headshot

Samantha McCaul,

Princess Polly

Involve hiring managers earlier to save time later

Easily capture feedback from hiring managers on one-way video interviews to ensure the best candidates advance to in-person and live video interviews.

“We are saving hiring managers from bringing in unqualified candidates. We have realized that a lot of our roles rely heavily on skillset that can’t be easily read on phone screen notes, so Spark Hire has allowed us to solve that issue.”

Erica Fiore headshot

Erica Fiore,

San Ysidro Health

Hiring Managers receive links to candidate videos so they can review earlier
Recruiters and HR send a link with a candidate video interview, resume and so much more to get a holistic view of each candidate

Give hiring managers more than just your notes

Reviewing one-way video interviews, instead of notes from a phone screen, empowers hiring managers to contribute valuable feedback from the earliest screening stage.

“The amount of time we spend screening candidates has been significantly reduced, and sharing the videos with our managers rather than just a page of notes gives them a much better picture of the candidates they’re considering.”

Lyndsay Moyles headshot

Lyndsay Moyles,

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare

“I like the process! Simple, effective, and easy to use.”

Young candidate smiling
Young confident candidate smiling

“That was a really cool way to do an interview!”

"The option for retakes and using think time when needed really helped me feel confident I was presenting my best and true abilities."

Candidate experience: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Millions of candidates
rate their Spark Hire experience
on average: 4.7/5 stars

Man smiling because he completed his one-way interview

“One-way interviews were so convenient. I recorded my videos late at night once my two young children were asleep.”

happy candidate and one-way interview user

“I loved this interview experience! It’s perfect for people, like me, who struggle with social anxiety.”

A quick and equitable
candidate experience

Candidates record wherever

Candidates can record at a time and from a place that’s comfortable for them

Keep interview questions consistent

All candidates answer the same interview questions facilitating fair and consistent evaluations

Happy video interview candidates

Candidates can provide more context on their experience

streamline the hiring process

Candidates get through the hiring process faster, making a positive impression

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Make better hiring decisions with an ATS that hiring managers love to use

Foster collaboration and accountability with a flexible applicant tracking system for small and medium-sized organizations that dream about hiring better as a team.

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Empower your hiring team and streamline your workflow with the power of Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform X Spark Hire’s Applicant Tracking System.

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Spark Hire’s video interviewing software optionally integrates with any applicant tracking system

Use Spark Hire as a standalone, bundled with our applicant tracking system, or take advantage of our ~40 ATS integrations.

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