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What We Do

Spark Hire is a robust and affordable video interviewing platform used by thousands of employers and staffing firms in over 40 countries. Through the use of our video interviewing solutions, our customers are able to gain more insight on hires, improve collaboration amongst their team, and make amazing hires.

How We Got Here

Josh Tolan, Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, came up with the idea while driving from Chicago to San Diego. Thinking about his previous work experience, Josh recognized some huge inefficiencies in the traditional hiring process. After making a few calls to run the idea by some colleagues, Josh pulled over in Denver to outline his idea on some cocktail napkins.

Where We're Going

Since its launch, Spark Hire has helped 2,000+ companies implement video interviews...and we're just getting started. Our goal is to eliminate the pain points associated with interviewing and make it easy. It's a tall order, but by working with so many companies, we've been able to uncover some glaring and some not-so-glaring problems. We're here to solve them.

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