Case Study: All Web Leads

How All Web Leads Uses Spark Hire For High Volume Hiring

About All Web Leads

All Web Leads is the premier Customer Acquisition Marketing business focused on the U.S. insurance industry, delivering tens of thousands of high-intent, qualified consumers to customers every day.

Goals for Video Interviewing

All Web Leads was looking for a solution to efficiently hire 100 employees, month over month, for a call center. Not only did this role have a lot of applicants, but the team also had to individually screen every applicant, so they needed a platform that was user friendly, promoted collaboration, and affordable.

Q&A with Recruiter, Amy Hargrove


How did you decide to use Spark Hire as a video interviewing platform?


A friend of a friend that was in HR recommended Spark Hire to me. I did demos of 5 platforms in total and selected Spark Hire!


What are some of the results you’ve seen with Spark Hire?


Using Spark Hire, we were able to take a 45 minute scheduled phone interview and replace it with a 15 minute one-way video interview. The videos are completed by the candidate in their free time, and then reviewed by the hiring team at their convenience.

This change has saved us countless hours in the screening process, and also given us the insights to only focus our time on the best applicants.


How does video interviewing fit into your hiring process?


We send every applicant a set of questions to prequalify them. If we find they are a good fit, we send them a link to complete a video interview via Spark Hire. We do not advance them in the process unless we determine they are a potential fit from their video interview.


How do you get your team members to buy into video interviewing?


It wasn’t a difficult sell because it’s easy to use, affordable, and allowed for work-from-home interviewing. We love that we have the ability to share our feedback with each other objectively. The team also loves having the ability to alter their interview questions as often they need.

As an added bonus, the Spark Hire team was very entertaining during our onboarding process.


What is the biggest impact that video interviewing has on your hiring process?


We are a work-from-home call center that recruits candidates within a 60 mile radius of the office. Each month, I am responsible for hiring about 100 new employees. Having to meet every candidate in person was a huge time waster.

We also tried adding phone screens to our screening process. They ended up being very time consuming and candidates did not always take them seriously.

The Spark Hire video interviews help us confirm the candidate is tech-savvy enough to be a part of our program, and also that they are serious enough about the job to present themselves appropriately.


Are you using Spark Hire as an integrated solution with your ATS?


Yes, we also use Jazz as our applicant tracking system.

Having the ability to schedule and track the video interviews within Jazz is indispensable – and much appreciated!


What are some things you love about Spark Hire?


It is an affordable and efficient way to screen candidates. It saves SO much time!

THE SUPPORT STAFF IS THE BEST! In a time where customer service is lackluster, Spark Hire truly shines. No question is too big or too small – whether it is from me, my staff or my candidates.

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