Case Study: Wyoming Department of Agriculture

How the Wyoming Department of Agriculture Uses Spark Hire to Make Better Hiring Decisions

About The Wyoming Department of Agriculture

The Wyoming Department of Agriculture assists the citizens of Wyoming to live safe and healthy lives, promote and preserve their agricultural community, be responsible stewards of their natural resources, and achieve integrity in the marketplace.

Goals for Video Interviewing

The Wyoming Department of Agriculture was looking for a way to enhance their hiring process. They receive many applications for most of the positions they hire for, so they were searching for a way to help applicants stand out. They also needed a solution that was user friendly for both their applicants and their organization.

Q&A with Human Resource Associate, Deb Smith


What are some of the results you’ve seen with Spark Hire?


Using Spark Hire, we have made 12 hires to date.

Our Hiring and Administration Managers review every application we receive. With the help of Spark Hire, they are now able to review every video interview and determine which candidates meet our qualifications best, in a fraction of the time.


How does video interviewing fit into your hiring process?


Once a vacancy has been open for a predetermined amount of time, we send out an open invitation for each applicant to complete a one-way video interview. From there, the hiring team reviews every video interview that was submitted, and then they each score each one individually. After we’ve chosen which applicants we want to move forward with, we schedule a live video interview with the remaining candidates.


How do you get your team members to buy into video interviewing?


Our Hiring Manager was the one that decided to explore video interviewing as an option. Once we signed up for Spark Hire and started using it, the managers were in agreement that the video interviews helped narrow down the candidate pool, which lead to us only spending time with the strongest candidates.


What is the biggest impact that video interviewing has on your hiring process?


We definitely have a stronger candidate pool to select from now. The additional information we get about each applicant from their video interview is incredible. Our candidates are no longer just words on a piece of paper.

We truly get know our candidates in a way that we never knew was possible.


What are some things you love about Spark Hire?


Spark Hire allows us to approach interviewing differently. Before we started using Spark Hire, our hiring process took much longer than it does today. We now have a way to reach out to applicants in a much more efficient manner, while still learning more about them.

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