A Guide to Efficient & Effective Hiring

When it comes to investing in your hiring process, efficiency and effectiveness are key to a successful business. Below, we have outlined how video interviewing helps companies streamline their hiring efforts while identifying top-notch talent in order to come to great hiring decisions.

You need an affordable screening method that doesn’t take a huge chunk of your hiring budget, or time.

Being a productive hiring professional requires a hiring process that is just that; a process, not a chore. If you’re looking for an efficient and effective solution, video interviews can help you go from sourcing, recruiting, and hiring in no time--without breaking the bank.

A huge chunk of my budget goes toward flying in candidates for interviews.

Emily’s Efficient & Effective Tip: By using Spark Hire’s video interviewing solutions, you can conduct live video interviews with great candidates no matter where they are.

Suggested Feature: Live Interview

It is sometimes difficult to schedule early round interviews.

Emily’s Efficient & Effective Tip: Forget about phone tag. Eliminate scheduling conflicts and connect with candidates no matter how busy their schedules are with one-way video interviews. Candidates record video answers to your interview questions on their own time.

Suggested Feature: One-Way Interview

Connecting with qualified candidates shouldn’t be a pain.

Getting a large response to your job posting is flattering..if the right people are applying! Once you have determined whose credentials match your job description, use video interviewing as a way to weed out candidates, and to find those diamonds in the rough that have the potential to make your company great.

I need to reach more qualified candidates.

Emily’s Efficient & Effective Tip: Spark Hire’s open interview option generates a link that you can use to invite candidates to a one-way video interview. Paste the link in personalized emails to candidates, broadcast it to social media platforms, or include it on your company careers page. This flexibility provides candidates with 24/7 access to interview for your company.

Suggested Features: Open Interview and Social Media Integration

It takes way too long to screen candidates over the phone.

With video interviews, instead of spending your day performing time-consuming phone screens, you can watch 10 one-way interviews in the time it takes to perform just 1 phone screen!

Phone screens just aren’t effective.

Emily’s Efficient & Effective Tip: Pre-screening candidates with time-consuming phone interviews is inefficient and ineffective. Video interviews give you deeper insights into the candidates you should move on to the next step. With video interviews, you are able to screen more candidates, in a lot less time and can immediately eliminate those that don’t fit your needs.

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Weeding through a bunch of applications is exhausting.

Emily’s Efficient & Effective Tip: Try using video interviews to weed through applicants. With Spark Hire, you can save your completed interviews and come back to them whenever you’d like. It’s like having your own digital library of awesome candidates!

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Validating hires with other members of the company leads to collaboration and better decisions.

Oftentimes, it is difficult to communicate with different departments within a business. With video interviews, send completed interviews to team members for a more insightful decision.

I need an efficient way to collaborate with different departments when it comes to hiring decisions.

Emily’s Efficient & Effective Tip: Awesome! Having more people involved with the hiring process reduces bad hires and increases the likelihood of finding someone who will fit seamlessly within your company culture. With video interviewing, you can share, comment, and rate potential hires with your team, so you all come to a better hiring decision. Other members of your staff are able to review the same video you see, which helps with collaboration and validation. No more guessing!

Suggested Features: Comments and Ratings | Candidate Showcase | Rejection Management

Company culture is important for the success of the organization.

Finding the right candidates for your company is super important. Instead of making hiring errors that lead to high turnover rates, use video interviews to better evaluate things like non-verbal cues, personality, and cultural fit earlier in the process.

How can I evaluate candidates that fit my company’s culture?

Emily’s Efficient & Effective Tip: How many times have you spoken to someone over the phone and invited them to your office for an in-person interview only to find out they are a bad cultural fit? What if you could have spotted that earlier on? When you use video interviewing in your hiring process, companies are able to evaluate and hire the best candidates who will be a perfect fit for the long-run. If cultural fit isn't important to you, hopefully you’re OK with a high turnover rate.

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Invest your time and effort on the right candidates and avoid the wrong ones.

Avoiding bad hires can be quite the obstacle within the traditional hiring process. Instead of jumping through hoops to find the right fit for your company, video interviewing allows you to screen candidates more accurately.

How can I avoid bad in-person interviews?

Emily’s Efficient & Effective Tip: Bad in-person interviews suck! Not only do you need 1-2 hours of an interviewer’s time, there’s also the scheduling and administrative work that goes along with it. With video interviewing, set up questions in advance so you can spend more time reviewing and moving along the applicants you know will be great for the in-person interview earlier in the process.

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Is there a way to reduce bad hires?

Emily’s Efficient & Effective Tip: Video interviews allow you to reduce bad hires! With the added insights you gain with videos, you and your team can better determine which candidates have the potential to do great things for your organization.

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