Use video interviewing to showcase your employment brand and attract superstar employees.

Spark Hire conducted an interview experience survey with over 40,000 candidates.
On average, candidates rated their experience a 4.4 out of 5.00 stars.

Unlock Your Employer Brand

Spark Hire gives you opportunities for employer branding and giving candidates a consistent video interview experience. Show off your unique brand by:

  • Uploading your company’s logo
  • Applying a color scheme
  • Including a video displaying your company culture
  • Displaying pictures from your office

Having your brand front and center when candidates complete video interviews for you makes your organization memorable and an exciting, cutting-edge place to work.

Create A Wonderful Candidate Experience

Video interviews can greatly impact the kind of candidate experience your company tries to create.

  • Show candidates that you respect their time
  • Standardize the interview process so every candidate gets the same experience
  • Maintain an organized interview process to ensure that every candidate is given the attention they deserve
  • Empower candidates to put their best foot forward and let their personality shine early in the hiring process

Not only does placing candidates on a level playing field make interviewing awesome for them, but it also allows you to better evaluate their interviews.

Meet The Candidate Where They Are

Connecting with the best candidates for your open positions requires you to make interviewing easy, accessible, and convenient for top talent.

Spark Hire’s cloud-based platform is simple and hassle-free.

Candidates can complete their interviews from a webcam or the Spark Hire mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

Let passive candidates complete their interviews at any time.

Make interviewing with your company a possibility for candidates anywhere in the world.

Building a better workforce means hiring top-notch employees who possess the skill sets and values that align with your company’s missions. By focusing on your employment brand with video interviews, you’re sure to attract and hire the best employees, every time.


All plans come with unlimited video interviews. No contracts. No setup fees.