Working Together

A world with no collaboration can be a dark and lonely place. Hiring is the most important aspect of a business, as the employees ARE the business. These are the people that will help your organization shine. Unfortunately, many hiring processes lack in communication and collaboration from other members of the team.

Don’t be left in the dark.
Brighten up your hiring process with video interviewing.

Happy hiring managers make the world go round.

Don't waste hiring managers' valuable time with bad in-person interviews. Share video interview recordings with the individuals who are in charge of in-person interviews to ensure they have input earlier in the process.

Develop accountability and transparency in your interview process.

Video interviewing provides you with visibility on what everyone thinks about a candidate. You’ll know the “why” behind hiring decisions. As a bonus, your interview process is standardized with interview templates and having everything recorded.

Collaboration couldn’t be easier.

With video interviewing, everyone on your hiring team will see the same thing and can weigh in on hiring decisions. Share, comment, and rate candidates internally to come to better hiring decisions.

Build a consensus of opinion.

There are many aspects of a great hire. Most importantly, they must have the proper skills and be a cultural fit. Getting more people involved helps you evaluate a candidate on multiple levels so everyone feels good about the decisions being made.


All plans come with unlimited video interviews. No contracts. No setup fees.