Recruiting is a dynamic and continuous process. You need current data and innovation in your recruiting progress you can apply in real-time. Spark Hire’s video interviewing solutions gives you a ringside seat to finding great talent and tracking your efforts.

Here are 10 ways to become “The World’s Greatest” recruiting company with Spark Hire


BE A HEAVYHITTER: Present Candidates Visually

Improve the way you market your candidates to clients with a visual shortlist.

  • With Spark Hire’s Candidate Showcase, share multiple candidates with your clients within one simple email.
  • Clients watch and review the recorded video interviews you send to them.
  • This way, you can collaborate with your clients and discuss each candidate.

of people respond better to visual information than plain text.


THE GLOVES ARE OFF: Reduce Duplicate Efforts

Down for the count! Don’t be defeated by duplicate efforts; let Spark Hire help your recruiting process to become the winner.

  • Work smart, not hard! Build a digital library of interviews you can pull from at any time. If a candidate doesn’t work out for one client, you still have their video interview on file for a future job order.
  • Create custom Tags for better candidate and client organization.
  • Interviews are stored in your cloud-based dashboard so you can spend less time digging up notes and more time placing candidates.

of total placements are made by using candidates from internal databases.


GO THE DISTANCE: Make Candidates Better

Coach candidates through video interviews to make sure they are polished before sending them off to your clients.

  • Showcase your candidate’s sparkling personality, awesomeness and professionalism through video interviews.
  • Give your candidates the opportunity to record their answers multiple times with customizable retakes to be sure they have a “knock-out” interview.
  • Practice, practice, practice, to prepare your candidates for the perfect interview so they will make it to Round 2.

A BLOW-BY-BLOW ACCOUNT: Full-Cycle Collaboration

Save time by gaining more insights on your candidates and what your clients needs most, in real time.

  • Your clients can comment and rate candidates to ensure they are the perfect fit.
  • Additional feedback from your clients will give you a competitive edge over your competition.
  • Receive instant alerts when your clients provide you with feedback.

Support Remote Workers

Make your recruiters more effective; no matter where they are located.

  • Interview candidates whenever, wherever. Spark Hire has customers in 40+ countries and growing.
  • Leverage social media integration to broadcast interview opportunities and cast a wider net.
  • Conduct, review, and collaborate around interviews on your schedule - no more scheduling headaches.
6.1 MILLION individuals in the US can be categorized as REMOTE WORKERS.
This shift to remote work will also force RECRUITING TO INCREASE its capability to
FIND AND LAND CANDIDATES around the globe.

SHOWCASE YOUR TALENT: Make Candidates Happy

Well marketed candidates are happier candidates leading to referrals and repeats.

  • Passive candidates will love that they can complete their video interviews on their own time.
  • The better you present your candidates to clients, the more value your candidates get.
  • Increase placement probability for a candidate with polished video interviews.

9 OUT OF 10

clients and candidates who have a positive experience with their firm will

actively encourage others to use the firm.

Utilizing Spark Hire for every client has fast-tracked our recruitment cycle by

- Nicole Barbano,

Owner of Hunter Ambrose Executive Search

SAVED BY THE BELL: Shorten Cycle Time

Communicate and follow-up with your candidates and clients regarding the video interviews and the status of the hiring process with notifications sent directly to your email.

  • DING! Receive notifications when candidates complete their video interviews.
  • DING! Receive email alerts when your clients view a candidate.
  • DING! Receive notifications when your clients comment and rate your candidates.

OFF THE ROPES: Recruiting Process Acceleration

The quick live and one-way video experience drives faster time to hiring decision.

  • You can watch 10 video interviews in the time it takes to do one phone screen.
  • Clients who get to review video interviews give you a faster response on whether or not they want to pursue a candidate.
  • Live interviews let you connect with long-distance candidates so you don’t have to wait (or spend money) for them to fly out.
6 OF 10

To place innovative hires, you must have an innovative recruiting process. More than 6 in 10 companies are now using video interview in their recruiting process.


GIVE ’EM THE ONE-TWO PUNCH: Enhance Recruiter Credibility

Show (not tell) the work your recruiters are putting in for your clients.

  • Come out swinging! Present yourself as a strong, innovative recruiter by utilizing Spark Hire’s technology.
  • It’s easy to send a resume and some notes about a conversation with a candidate, but sending a visual presentation is more representative of your work.


No matter where you are, never miss a beat with mobile video interviewing.

  • With Spark Hire’s mobile app, you can locate your video interviews from your smartphone of choice.
  • Native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.
  • Your data is stored in the cloud, so you can access it wherever you are!

These features will help prepare you for your next fight and will allow you to


Just keep your eyes on the prize: a long-term talent pool and a highly organized, high-performing workflow.

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