Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Tips On Body Language For Your One-way Video Interview

It’s essential to make sure that you are put together and looking your best for a one-way interview, but you should also give equal importance to having good body language. You want to be conscious of your body language to make certain that you are presenting yourself in the best way possible throughout the entire interview.

Communication is 55% body language. Even if you are not speaking a single word, you are communicating. Everything about your body language conveys something about you; whether you are nervous, confident, proud, annoyed, humble, etc.

Establish eye contact

Maintaining eye contact in a video interview may seem tricky and even awkward, but it is possible and necessary. When recording your one-way video interview, be sure to look straight into the webcam — do not look at yourself on the screen. Imagine that there is a person sitting across from you listening to your answers. When you look into the webcam, the recruiter/hiring manager who will be reviewing your one-way interview will feel more engaged because it’s as if you’re looking at them.

Sit up straight

Having good posture in an interview is very important. Slouching or leaning back in your seat may give off the vibe that you aren’t taking the interview seriously or are bored and disinterested. Crossing your arms should also be avoided because you’ll appear unapproachable and defensive.

Avoid moving too much

When people have a lot of nervous energy, they tend to shake their legs, move their hands around a lot, or tap their fingers on the table. Try your best to avoid movements that may convey that you’re nervous and may be distracting to the recruiter/hiring manager reviewing your interview.


You may feel nervous and stressed during your one-way interview, but that doesn’t have to show in your face. A smile can hide your insecurities and nerves, but also make you seem approachable. Be sure to smile and show the recruiter/hiring manager how friendly and pleasant you are. No one wants to work with a grouch or Debbie Downer.

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