Video Interviews for Government Hiring

Significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your interview process through the use of video interview software.

  • Screen candidates up to 5x faster
  • Eliminate preliminary interview scheduling challenges
  • Gain more insight on your job applicants in less time
  • Conduct interviews remotely
  • Boost collaboration with hiring stakeholders

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How the public sector benefits from Spark Hire

Video interviews are quickly becoming one of the most popular hiring tools for government municipalities and agencies.

Improve your candidate screening process

Candidates record video responses to your job-specific interview questions on their own time.

  • Expedite your preliminary interview process and reduce scheduling hassles
  • Maintain structure and compliance by presenting candidates with the same questions
  • Gain more insight than a phone interview
One-Way Playback

Conduct remote interviews for hiring continuity

Connect in panel video interviews with up to 8 people to ensure you can explore all suitable applicants.

  • Expand your talent pool
  • Save money in your travel budget
  • Make your candidate experience more convenient and flexible
Live Panel Interview

Easily support and collaborate with hiring stakeholders

Share completed interviews with anyone involved in the hiring process so they can provide feedback.

  • Improve hiring stakeholder satisfaction by including them early on
  • Reduce bias in the hiring process by involving multiple team members
  • Validate decisions on which candidates should advance
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Trusted by hundreds of municipalities and government agencies

Hear what Spark Hire customers have to say about video interviews for government hiring

Eagle County Logo

“Spark Hire allows us to prescreen applicants much faster. We can complete prescreens in 10 minutes, rather than 30 minutes. Also, I don’t have to go through the hassle of scheduling pre screening interviews with multiple people’s busy schedules.”

Jackie Huffman
Eagle County

Arlington County Logo

“Using Spark Hire, we get better insight into how candidates conduct themselves before bringing them into the office. My colleagues review interviews faster, learn more about candidates, and bring the best candidates in for in-person interviews faster with video interviews.”

Lorie Moore
Arlington County

Deschutes County Logo

“With Spark Hire I can set up interviews that the hiring panels can watch whenever they have time to spare. No booking conference rooms, juggling schedules, worrying about no-shows, etc. Having this program allows us to get through the initial interview process much quicker!”

Jennifer Clemens
Deschutes County

Integrated with the most popular applicant tracking systems

Spark Hire integrations with 40+ applicant tracking systems for seamless workflows.

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