The #1 Video Interviewing Platform for K-12 School Districts

Learn how K-12 School Districts use Spark Hire’s video interviewing software to make better hires faster than ever before.

School districts of all sizes trust Spark Hire's video interviewing platform to help them reduce the need for time-consuming preliminary interviews, gain more insight on candidates, improve hiring collaboration, and make amazing hires in a fraction of the time.

Streamline your preliminary interviews

Save days or even weeks in your hiring process by having candidates self-record video answers to your interview questions anytime, anywhere.

Better assess your candidates

Gain more insight into candidates and easily determine which candidates you like best so you can quickly move to the next step of the hiring process.

Involve your hiring stakeholders

Get everyone in the hiring process on the same page by enabling all stakeholders to review preliminary interviews before committing a huge block of time to a candidate.

Spend more time with your students

Eliminate scheduling challenges of in-person interviews and spend time on what you do best, improving the education of your students.

Benefits of Video Interviews

No matter the size of your organization, video interviews will help you identify the best candidates for your open positions in a fraction of the time.

Replace the phone screen

Learn more about your candidates in less time

Screen candidates faster than ever before

Standardize the interviewing process

Improve recruiter and hiring manager collaboration

Eliminate scheduling challenges

Review interviews anytime, anywhere

Only invest time and effort into the best candidates

Avoid bad in-person interviews

Spark Hire Success Stories

Watch how school districts just like yours are using Spark Hire to make better hires faster than ever before.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Read how Spark Hire has helped hundreds of school districts make their hiring process more efficient.


Spark Hire has made a huge difference in our hiring process. It allows for the district to get more involved in the early part of the interview process so we make sure we hire the best person. Our favorite thing about Spark Hire is you can watch an interview over and over again. With Spark Hire, the interview process is way more transparent and efficient. To date, we have hired dozens of individuals using Spark Hire.

Dr. Edward Alpert
  • Dr. Edward Alpert
  • Superintendent

The platform was very intuitive to learn and therefore principals had to invest very little time in learning how to set up a video interview. Having the ability to do short pre-screening interviews was referred to by principals as a game changer. The pre-screening interviews saved hours of time usually dedicated to numerous lengthy on-site interviews. Time saved was devoted to the most qualified candidates.

Lynn Anderson
  • Lynn Anderson
  • Director of Human Resources


Spark Hire integrates with some of the best applicant tracking tools for K-12 hiring.

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Check out some of our great K-12 hiring resources and learn why Spark Hire is a great fit for your school district.

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The Epic Guide to Video Interviews for K-12 Hiring

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Case Study: Amarillo Independent School District

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Why Spark Hire

Spark Hire is trusted by more school districts than any other video interviewing provider. Here are a few reasons why schools love using Spark Hire:

Ease of use

Simple to learn and easy to use so your team can get up and running fast.


Fair pricing with options for districts of every size, with no contracts or setup fees.

No contracts or setup fees

Month to month plans and cancel at any time - flexible for your seasonal hiring.

Amazing customer service

An unmatched customer success team to ensure you achieve maximum ROI.

Trusted by peers and colleagues

More customers than any other provider in the industry.

Flexible Plans/Pricing

Month-to-month and annual plan options for affordability and flexibility with hiring needs.

Join today’s most innovative school districts and get started with Spark Hire

Fair pricing with options for districts of every size, with no contracts or setup fees.