What to Look For in the Best Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for Israeli Companies

Composite of ATS features including Right to Left support and Hebrew language support

When recruiting teams hiring in Israel look for the best applicant tracking system (ATS), it’s crucial to consider several key factors. The ideal ATS should streamline the recruitment process, ensure compliance with local regulations, and provide excellent support tailored to the unique needs of Israeli companies. Spark Hire’s applicant tracking system stands out as a top choice in this context. Here’s why:

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Best ATS for Israeli Companies

Key Takeaways

  • Streamlined Recruitment Process: Spark Hire’s ATS integrates global leadership with over a decade of local experience, offering efficient recruitment tools tailored to Israeli businesses.
  • Compliance with Israeli Laws: Automatic notifications, such as in-process and rejection notifications, ensure adherence to Israeli regulations, safeguarding legal compliance effortlessly.
  • Localized Support and Cultural Sensitivity: With Hebrew language support and a local team operating on Israeli workdays, Spark Hire provides culturally attuned customer service, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.
  • Advanced Features for Multinational Enterprises: Features like RTL user interface and AI integration tailored for Hebrew support ensure a seamless recruitment experience, meeting the needs of multinational companies operating in Israel.

Deep Understanding of the Israeli Market

Over a Decade of Experience

Spark Hire acquired Comeet in 2023; before that, Comeet had served Israeli companies and customers for 10 years. This extensive tenure in the market means that Spark Hire has a profound understanding of Israeli companies’ unique challenges and requirements. Our long-standing presence has allowed us to fine-tune our platform to perfectly align with the needs of local businesses, making us a trusted partner in the Israeli recruitment landscape.

The Best of Both Worlds

Israeli customers benefit from Spark Hire’s ATS, a globally leading system with deep Israeli roots and a strong presence in Israel. This combination offers global advantages and local expertise, ensuring top-notch support and features tailored to Israeli businesses’ specific needs.

Localized Customer Support

Hebrew Language Support

Customer support in Israel is unique due to the local work week and language preferences. Spark Hire offers customer support six days a week, aligning with Israel’s Sunday through Thursday work schedule. The support team is based in Israel and assists in Hebrew, eliminating language barriers and enhancing the user experience.

Cultural Sensitivity

Spark Hire’s Israel-based support team understands Israeli businesses’ cultural nuances and specific needs. This cultural alignment ensures that the support provided is technically proficient and culturally sensitive, making for a stronger business partnership.

Comprehensive Global Support

In addition to receiving robust assistance during Israeli business hours in Hebrew, customers of Israeli companies also have access to a sizable support center in the USA. This setup guarantees substantial international recruitment support for users throughout the majority of the week and for extended hours each day. It establishes a comprehensive support system that effectively caters to different time zones and business hours.

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Multinational Hiring and Enterprise Capabilities

Trusted by Large Companies

Many multinational companies with operations in Israel trust Spark Hire to manage their talent acquisition strategies. This trust is built on Spark Hire’s robust feature set and its compliance with Israeli laws, making it an ideal choice for enterprise-sized organizations.

Familiarity Among Candidates

Spark Hire’s ATS, formerly known as Comeet, is widely recognized among job candidates in Israel. This familiarity means that candidates expect to interact with Spark Hire’s platform during their job search, making the recruitment process smoother for both candidates and recruiters.

Compliance with Israeli Laws and Regulations

In Process Notification Requirement Law

Israeli law mandates that candidates must be notified every two months if they are still in process after being interviewed or tested. Spark Hire’s ATS allows companies to set automatic notifications that are sent to candidates every 50 days, ensuring compliance and protecting the company from potential legal issues.

Rejection Notification Requirement Law

Under Israeli law, employers must inform candidates who were not hired within 14 days of hiring another candidate. Spark Hire’s ATS simplifies this process by generating automatic alerts when a candidate is marked as “hired,” prompting notifications to the remaining candidates that the position has been filled. This feature ensures that companies stay compliant effortlessly.

Advanced Features for the Israeli Market

Right-to-Left User Interface

An often overlooked but crucial feature for any ATS in Israel is the ability to support Hebrew and right-to-left (RTL) text. Spark Hire’s ATS is designed with a right-to-left UI, ensuring a better, more efficient experience for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates alike.

AI Features

Spark Hire is at the forefront of AI integration, consistently improving our AI features to now include support for Hebrew. These cutting-edge AI capabilities streamline recruitment, from sourcing candidates to parsing resumes, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire hiring process.

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Working with Israeli Recruitment Agencies

Handling Duplicate Submissions

Many Israeli companies heavily rely on multiple international recruitment agencies, often resulting in the same candidate being put forward by different agencies within a short timeframe. Spark Hire’s ATS has introduced a robust system to manage duplicate submissions effectively. 

This system evaluates five key parameters, such as reviewing each candidate’s resume to check for existing entries in the system. By implementing this feature, the process of candidate management is streamlined, saving valuable time in communication between the company and its recruitment partners.

Real-Time Status Updates

The system updates recruitment agencies on the status of their candidates, reducing the need for constant back-and-forth communication and ensuring that all parties are kept informed throughout the hiring process.

The #1 ATS for Israeli Companies

For recruiting teams in Israel, finding the best ATS involves looking for a system that enhances recruitment efficiency, complies with local laws, provides robust local support, and is familiar to candidates. Spark Hire stands out in all these areas, making it the top choice for companies seeking a comprehensive and compliant applicant tracking system in Israel.

If you’re part of recruiting teams in Israeli companies and are considering an ATS, ensure that it meets these critical criteria. With Spark Hire, you’re not just getting a tool; you’re partnering with a platform that understands and addresses the unique challenges and requirements of the Israeli market.

Experience the benefits of using Spark Hire’s ATS today.

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