Spark Hire gives employers and candidates a better way to connect - finally.


We Help You Find Your Next Job

By recording profile videos, job seekers can stand out from the competition, show off their personality, and pitch to employers why they should be hired. Employers won’t just see your resume, they’ll see YOU.

We Help You Find Your Next Hire

Employers can finally ditch time consuming phone interviews by using Spark Hire's video interviews. Use one-way video interviews to have candidates send you video recorded responses to your interview questions or connect with them in a real time, split-screen live video interview.

Video Resumes Work

Nine out of ten employers say they would watch a video resume if they were to receive one.

Video Interviews Work

Over 60% of companies use video interviewing in their hiring process.


How It All Started

CEO Josh Tolan got the idea for Spark Hire while driving from Chicago to San Diego. When he realized online video could eliminate major inefficiencies in the hiring process, Josh pulled over to outline his idea on some cocktail napkins.

Just Getting Warmed Up

Launched in February 2012, Spark Hire is already being utilized by over 1,000 organizations and 10,000 job seekers across the globe... and we're just getting started.


We Are Passionate

We are a group of passionate professionals dedicated to simplifying everything for job seekers and employers through the power of online video.

Sharing Our Insight

We are dedicated to helping job seekers and employers alike succeed in the hiring process. Check out our HR or job seeker blog to get your daily fix of fresh content!