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“I cannot say enough good things about Spark Hire. My candidates find the service easy to use. My Account Manager and the Tech Support Manager are simply amazing. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Spark Hire’s incredible team!”

Bree Gurin Headshot
Bree Gurin,
Oliver Staffing, Inc.

“Spark Hire is a great tool for recruiters and provides our clients with another innovative way in which to carry out their recruitment. I have found the Spark Hire customer service to be very efficient.”

Daniela Lopez headshot

Daniela Lopez,
199 Recruitment

“Spark Hire has been an asset to our company. The platform helps us get a real feel for a potential new candidate. It also has helped our Regional Managers have the ability to view a candidate, and not necessarily have to travel to the candidate’s location. As the Recruiter, I have been very pleased with Spark Hire’s services and the user-friendly website.

Candra Vallejo headshot

Candra Vallejo,
AMS Retail Solutions

“Whenever we post job openings where we expect to get more than 50 responses, we encourage applicants to answer three simple questions: tell us about yourself, what are you best at, and why aren’t you working at your prior jobs any more? The responses we get are SO much better than sifting through resumes and trying to extrapolate from a PDF to what an applicant is really like.”

Stephen Fraga Heashot

Stephen Fraga
Academy X

“For some of our roles, we receive several thousand resumes, so screening them all on the phone isn’t feasible. With Spark Hire, we can look at more candidates in less time to find diamonds in the rough. It is also great to be able to share the interviews and put a face and personality with a name before they even come through the door.”

Brad Wilkins Headshot
Brad Wilkins
Adcap Network Systems

“We have grown substantially since we’ve implemented Spark Hire. We are now billing 300% more than we were at this very time last year. Our submit to hire ratios have also improved. Before we started conducting video interviews, our submit to hire ratio was 3:1. This means, for every three candidate submissions we would have one hired. Now, for every two candidates submitted, one is hired. That’s fantastic in our industry.”

Jennifer V. Heashot
Jennifer Vaughan
Agility HR Group

“Using Spark Hire, we were able to take a 45 minute scheduled phone interview and replace it with a 15 minute one-way video interview. The videos are completed by the candidate in their free time, and then reviewed by the hiring team at their convenience. This change has saved us countless hours in the screening process, and also given us the insights to only focus our time on the best applicants.”

Amy Hargrove headshot
Amy Hargrove
All Web Leads

“We very much enjoy using Spark Hire. It’s easy to access and simple to use. The whole team is very helpful and attentive to our needs. Spark Hire helps us screen candidates more thoroughly without having to bring them into our office and we can even share the video with our client to save them time as well.”

Candice Sherman heashot
Candice Sherman,

“It’s not a replacement for face to face. It’s about getting the right candidates into interviews with clients sooner. Spark Hire means we now spend most of our time with the right candidates.”

Mat Hobby heashot
Mat Hobby,
AXIA People

“Shortlisting the hundreds of graduate applications we receive each year is always very labour intensive. With the goal of streamlining the process and reducing cost, we established an account with Spark Hire to implement one-way video interviews in lieu of those time consuming telephone screens. The product itself is very good and the service is exceptional.

Cathy Riach-Diener headshot
Cathy Riach-Diener,
BAE Systems Australia

“We use Spark Hire at our North American and Canadian locations for Digital/IMT and Operational roles. There has been an overall reduction in time spent on the pre-screening process. With traditional interviewing, we would spend a minimum of 30 minutes screening each applicant. Using video interviewing, we have cut that screen time down to 6-7 minutes per candidate.

Richa Heashot
Richa Garg
Barrick Gold Corporation

“We set out to recruit 130 new staff across all areas and levels. Spark Hire was extremely valuable for getting a feel for each applicant and their fit for our organisation, saving us many hours. It is now an invaluable tool in our business.”

Glen Gillingham
Berrington Care Group

“Spark Hire has totally transformed the way we screen and select candidates. This has reduced bias, reduced our time to hire, and the feedback from our candidates has been very positive.”

Jenni Nelson

“My team loves Spark Hire because of the flexibility of developing custom questions and question sets, reviewing candidate responses no matter their time or location, and ease of scheduling.”

Caitlyn Rhodes

“Spark Hire was instrumental in me being able to quickly and efficiently hire an Executive Assistant. Given that we are a small firm, we don’t have a full blown HR team, but Spark Hire allowed me to quickly narrow down 200 applicants to a shortlist of 8 candidates. We hired someone within a month and I never would have been able to do it as quickly without Spark Hire.”

Kevin Dunlap
Calibrate Ventures

“Once implementing Spark Hire, we experienced HUGE savings. The one thing we realized a year later is: the first people to do their video interviews are our most engaged and passionate employees. They love our company and you could see it from their first Spark Hire video interview.

Dustin Gordon
Breakside Brewery

“Since we started using Spark Hire, the results have been amazing. If we have somebody who completes their online video application and the other processes the applicant has to go through, we are getting our preliminary interviews done in two to three days.”

Paige TeBeest
Canyon Independent School District

“By automating the screening process, we have saved about 8.33 hours per week. We have also found a candidate is 30% more likely to stay past 90 days if they complete a video interview as part of the hiring process.”

Maria Mallare heashot
Maria Mallare
Chick-fil-A Polaris Fashion Place

“Spark Hire has made our process much less stressful. We have to interview a lot of people (100 at a time) very quickly. Before we decided to start using video interviews, it simply took us too long to screen all of our candidates.”

Tricia Kardon heashot
Tricia Kardon
Camp Twitch and Shout

“With Spark Hire, we save an average of 20 minutes per applicant we process and we’ve processed hundreds of applicants using the system in less than a year. When you consider the cost of staff time, this is a huge money saver for our organization. In addition, we have been able to make better hiring decisions by not having to rely on interview notes, but having the actual interviews available to reference.”

Chad Karlsson heashot
Chad Karlsson,
College Possible

“As a company we position ourselves at the forefront of quality, service, and technology. Spark Hire fits perfectly with that. Other companies looking to improve their hiring efficiency and their candidates’ journey should look into video interviewing. From a selfish point of view – I’m happy for my competitors to continue to work with their old school ways! We stand out a mile!”

Vicki Mulroney heashot
Vicki Mulroney

“Spark Hire is great. Using it helped us find a fantastic new admin assistant. The interview process was fast and easy and really saved us time on countless in person interviews. My favorite part was that if we could see early on in the interview that the candidate wasn’t a good fit, we could simply skip to the next candidate instead of sitting through a full interview.”

Rich Vitali
Rich Vitali, Coordinated Project Installations, Inc.

“Using Spark Hire, we now have the ability to identify better quality candidates. We’ve never had a problem with the quantity of candidates, but we were struggling with selecting which candidates to advance in the process. Spark Hire allows us to interview more candidates and only bring the best candidates to the front.”

Steven Branstetter
Steven Branstetter
Crawford Thomas Recruiting

“Having Spark Hire compliments our online application process and creates a consistent candidate experience. Applicants can interview anytime that is convenient for them, 24 hours a day, and our HR staff can watch the videos anytime as well. If something comes up and the HR staff is needed for another task, they can go back to the interviews when they have time.”

Jim Lenoue
Jim Lenoue
Contemporary Services Corporation

“Spark Hire saves us so much time. There is little time wasted on in-person interviews now, because we basically know who we are interviewing before they come in. Also, before Spark Hire, I was the sole decision maker on if I should hire a candidate or not. I was hiring for 18 different branches! Now, I send the interview to all 18 managers and they tell me who to bring in for an in person interview. Brilliant!”

Becky Worthen
Becky Worthen
Cyprus Credit Union

“To put it simply, using Spark Hire has been wonderful! We used to do an initial phone screen, and then move the candidates onto an in person interview. With Spark Hire, we have changed the way we do business. We spend much less time vetting the candidates we pass to our hiring managers and in the process, we’ve made our lives easier.”

Leslie Wilson
Leslie Willson, Digital Federal Credit Union

“Spark Hire has offered us a way to ‘add value’ to a candidate’s application when schools couldn’t meet them face-to-face. These videos enabled schools to get a feel of each candidate, rather than merely text on a page of a written application. We wanted something that enabled us to get those offshore teachers ‘in front’ of school principals to showcase their personality and teaching experience.”

Lynda Western
Lynda Western
Education Personnel

“We have been tracking our hire rate since moving to Spark Hire and it has drastically increased. If you ask me, it is because we have been able to get rid of the inefficiencies that existed in our old hiring process. I also attribute this success to the platform giving the team the flexibility to watch and review their interviews at any time, from any device.”

Katherine Johnson
Kate Johnson
DLP Realty

“With Spark Hire, our clients have been able to hire 55 candidates in one day and the selection process was extremely simple for them. Our development team built out a hybrid showcase using inspiration from Spark Hire.”

Joshua T. Kitchen
Joshua T. Kitchen
ettain group

“Spark Hire’s Video interviews allowed us to increase our hiring efficiency 7 times. Instead of 10 manual recruitments per week, we can now do 10 recruitments per day with Spark Hire.”

Serhat Kakci
Serhat Kakci,
Euler Hermes

“Spark Hire’s video interviewing allows us to bring more candidates into our funnel to assess people with a wider range of backgrounds/different experience without spending more time on the hiring process.”

Henry Hayes
Henry Hayes

“Before Spark Hire, I would spend 30-45 minutes speaking to each candidate on the phone, followed by a call or email to the hiring manager to debrief. What took an hour (or more) before now takes about 10 minutes, total! If we determine a candidate isn’t a good fit, we just move on rather than compete an entire interview.”

Julie Driver
Julie Driver,
FCCI Insurance Group

“With Spark Hire, we estimate it takes approximately 5 minutes to review a video interview compared to 30 minutes per phone screen. As a result, we have saved countless hours and thousands of dollars by using video interviewing. Plus the quality of insights about each candidate we are able to get from video interviews is priceless.”

Kris Benge
Kris Benge
Fidelity & Guaranty Life

“As a direct result of screening our applicants with Spark Hire, we’ve noticed higher hiring manager satisfaction with our post-screening interviews, and we’ve been able to hire over half the applicants who make it through the screening process!”

Ben Puffer
Ben Puffer
First Community Federal Credit Union

“The platform has had a positive impact on not just saving us time in the hiring process, but also allowing us to be more effective in making the right hiring decisions. As a growing startup company, we can’t afford to make mistakes and hire a new employee that doesn’t work out. Thus, we focus on finding candidates that fit well with the company culture, and video interviewing makes that task a lot easier.”

Josh Ellis
Josh Ellis
FluentStream Technologies

“Spark Hire helps us get a much fuller picture on a candidate. We get hands on evidence that the candidate is tech savvy, can follow instructions, presents themselves professionally, and communicates effectively.”

Amy Spry
Amy Spry
Innovative Staff Solutions

“Spark Hire has reduced effort, improved outcomes, and improved my brand. I love how easy it is to short list candidates and send my hiring manager a link to the best candidates.”

Trevor Vas
Trevor Vas
Human Capital Management Solutions

“Spark Hire one of those few tools that as an HR professional, that you can definitively show the ROI. So it’s an absolutely great tool that you can use to help make your organization more efficient and hire better people.”

John Zeugschmidt
John Zeugschmidt

“Spark Hire’s customer service is out of this world. Their response to inquires and help were so expedient that we felt like we were their only customer. The website is user-friendly for both the interviewer and the interviewee.”

Angela Tinnell
Angela Tinnell
Meridian Resources

“The video interview process with Spark Hire has been an amazing addition to our recruiting process. We have been able to get better quality candidates in less time with this new tool. All of our hiring managers keep raving about the way they can create questions based around the particular skill set they are seeking.”

Claire Wietig
Claire Wietig

“Spark Hire helped me to quickly and easily vet candidates for my company. I got to ‘know’ the candidate and gauge whether they would be a good fit before taking up too much of their time. We made about 40 hires using Spark Hire!”

Sean O'Connor
Sean O'Connor

“We fell in love with Spark Hire as soon as we saw the reaction from our clients. Our clients thought it was very unique and loved the idea of using the software for pre-screening.”

Lori Gelhaar
Lori Gelhaar
Palmer Group

​​”Spark Hire has reduced recruitment time, and eliminated painful phone screens. It allows candidates to showcase their personality and cultural fit, ultimately ensuring we get the best candidates for the role.”

Laura Pearce
Laura Pearce
Purposeful People

“Prior to Spark Hire, our recruiters would review the candidates’ applications and then conduct phone screens with suitable candidates. Since we started using Spark Hire, there has been a noticeable decrease in the time-to-fill a job, with a better quality of hire.”

Melissa Sloane
Melissa Sloane
The Star

“Spark Hire helps us get through candidates faster and more efficiently for the jobs in a particular group that really require a cultural fit within the company. We have also gotten a lot of feedback from candidates saying that they have enjoyed it!”

Meghan Hurley
Meghan Hurley
Reed Exhibitions

“Video interviewing has allowed the managers more freedom in the hiring process, while remaining part of the pre-screening process. Spark Hire allows them to see more candidates on their own time!”

Amanda Moseley
Amanda Moseley
TTCU Federal Credit Union

“We have used Spark Hire for our past two hiring cycles with great success. The price, ease of use, and reliability are the best. Our students/applicants like that they can do the video until they get it right, so it results in higher quality answers.”

Jeffrey Glazer
Jeffrey Glazer
University of Wisconsin Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic

“Spark Hire has eliminated our need for a phone screen and Webex interview which has saved us a significant amount of time and money. Spark Hire is very easy to figure out, and their tech support was awesome at answering any questions we had.”

Sarah Zakaria
Sarah Zakaria
Wake Forest University
Spark Hire Customer Julia smiling at camera

“From the start, everyone on our team was really on board and excited to try out Spark Hire. It’s great for positions where you have multiple openings and pretty refined process. Spark Hire let us see the candidates in their own element and added some personality to a typically static resume. We couldn’t have made these hires had it not been for the video interview process. It was so easy to get started with and we enjoyed using it.”

Erin Colbert

Erin Colbert

“Spark Hire is a great way to learn more about an applicant. It is great to be able to use technology to your advantage when looking to hire new staff, and really get a feel for who they are and their body language as they go through the questions.”

Carly Tucker

Carly Tucker,
Global Leadership Adventures

“Spark Hire has dynamically changed who we are and what we do by giving us more of a national presence. Using video interviews, I can put someone through my screening process and get a taste of what your personality is and who you are. It’s been beneficial to my company because we are no longer bound by a full one hour interview. It speeds up our placement process as we’re able to gather enough of a profile of our candidates for our clients. This leaves our clients wanting to learn more.”

Dave Eberhardt
Dave Eberhardt
Connect Restaurant Services

“Spark Hire is the #1 video interviewing software on the market – without exception. Utilizing Spark Hire for every client has fast-tracked our recruitment cycle by 50%. The product, customer service and ease of use is superlative. Not using Spark Hire is akin to not using a telephone to recruit. It’s that valuable and the ROI is tremendous with every Spark Hire interview.”

Nicole Barbano

Nicole Barbano, Hunter Ambrose International

“Spark Hire is a great platform that allows me to get a quick look at my top candidates so I can determine who to bring in for an in-person interview. From there, I’m able to hire the best fit person for the role. Spark Hire saves me a lot of time and my candidates see the legitimacy of my company. I receive great support and follow up from the Spark Hire team and will use them for all of my company’s hiring needs.”

Casey Clark
Casey Clark,
HFI Consulting

“The video interview process with Spark Hire is a real timesaver! My hiring team can communicate effectively about the candidate’s performance and the next steps to take. I highly recommend this process to any company serious about making an impact on their candidate base as well as showing a technological savvy that other employers may not have.”

Tiffany David
Tiffany David,
Havas Edge

“The software is easy to use, the candidates like having the chance to do the video interviews and the customer service is top notch. In HR, I work with many vendors from Benefit providers to ATS systems and Spark Hire is one of the easiest and friendliest providers to work with.”

Megan Flanagan
Megan Flanagan

“Before Spark Hire, we used to waste a lot of time vetting people on onsite interviews instead of vetting them ahead of time. We did some phone interviews, but video interviews are so much better because you can actually see the person and they’re more dynamic on camera than they are on the phone.”

Carrie Mull
Carrie Mull
Illinois Eye Center

“I looked at different video interviewing technologies when I was looking into starting the video interviewing process, and what I found about Spark Hire was that it was really simple to use. For ITW, simplicity is a huge part of who we are. So when looking for a platform that didn’t go overboard, but delivered on the necessities.”

Sarah Thio
Sarah Thio,
Illinois Tool Works

“At IncrediFlix we hire a lot of instructors each year in many different states with Spark Hire. Our applicants can conveniently choose when and where to interview. Even with different schedules, our entire team is able to see all of those interviews and does not have to rely on memory to further review candidates before making a decision. We plan on using Spark Hire for a long time to come.”

Tobin Felfe
Tobin Felfe,

“Hiring managers invest so much time in the screening of candidates, that it takes away from the work day. I found Spark Hire to be a convenient way to do candidate vetting and screening on my own time, and thus move candidates to finalist consideration much quicker. It’s a fantastic way to save time, and identify team and culture fit, early on.”

Keishia Gu
Keishia Gu,
Independent School Alliance

“Spark Hire has allowed us to pre-screen quickly and avoid delays that were traditionally caused by time zone differences. Further, we had candidates that might have been eliminated from our hiring process because we didn’t have the resources to interview as many candidates as we do now. As a result, there are some candidates that have advanced to the Spark Hire portion of our process and we were delighted when they turned out to be a great fit. These are candidates that we would have missed in the past. Ultimately, Spark Hire has helped us improve the quality of our shortlists and eventual hires in a much more cost-effective way.”

Chloe Skidmore
Chloe Skidmore

“Spark Hire provides us a faster way to get our candidates placed, because for our industry and market, the agency who got their candidate to the table in front of the decision-maker first usually got the contract. Typically, we are competing against multiple agencies lining up interviews and Spark Hire allowed us to get our candidate in front of the client faster and thus, get the placement.”

Debbie Lindsay
Debbie Lindsay

“We are more than satisfied with Spark Hire. Spark Hire provides exceptional customer service and support at a very affordable price which is important to us as a non-profit organization. Our candidates found the whole process of interviewing to be easy. We did make some excellent decisions on final interviews based on the use of Spark Hire.”

Mary Jo Moran, PhD, SPHR
Mary Jo Moran, PhD, SPHR
National Association of Church Personnel Administrators

“Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform has helped us with eliminating applicants that don’t meet our minimum requirements and we’ve reached the goal of eliminating wasted time that is spent on proceeding with a full interview. From the beginning, everyone was really on board and excited to try out video interviews. Within a few minutes, we had an idea as to whether or not this applicant would be a cultural fit.”

Melissa Elder
Melissa Elder
MeySen Academy

“Using Spark Hire, we’re able to fill our requisitions in half the time. Our typical recruiting projects are time-sensitive and require us to fill a position in under 30 days. With the busy schedule of our potential candidates and recruiters, we needed a solution that enabled our interviews to take place anytime and anywhere without sacrificing the valuable detail you receive during the interviewing process.”

Michelle Goodson
Michelle Goodson

“We used to conduct the interview by phone, but we NEVER got to see these people. Using Spark Hire, we get to see these people, and find we are picking people of higher quality. We can read their body language and understand a bit more about their personality compared to a phone screen. Now, we have 98% hire rate off video interviews.”

Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller
Open Listings

“By implementing Spark Hire into our hiring process, not only did we save countless hours, but also thousands of dollars in travel costs. This was also the second video interviewing platform we tried out. Previous to Spark Hire, we used a different platform. We ended up replacing it with Spark Hire because we only do seasonal hiring.”

JP Darbouze
JP Darbouze

“Our experience with Spark Hire has been beyond amazing. The program is easy to use for both the administrator and the candidates. Along with a great product, Spark Hire provides customer service that exceeds your expectations.”

Molly Worthy
Molly Worthy,
Port of Long Beach

“Using Spark Hire has allowed us, as a mid-size consultancy, to save time in the recruitment process, as well as to get a genuine look and feel for the candidates before using resources to schedule in-person interviews. The customer service and sales team at Spark Hire have been helpful and a joy to work with throughout this process.”

Jennifer Burton Arroyo
Jennifer Burton Arroyo
Peoplescape Consulting

​​“As school Principals continue to evolve into instructional leaders, Spark Hire is not only saving valuable Principal time in the candidate pre-screening process, but also supporting our commitment to hiring the highest quality educators for our students.”

Lynn Evans
Lynn Evans,
Redmond School District

​​”Spark Hire makes it really easy for the candidates to do the interview process at their own time and on their own schedule. It allows those who are rating and reviewing those applicants to evaluate those same interviews at their own schedule and at their leisure. So you don’t have to worry about time zones, or difficulties with coordinating schedules. And then you can go back and rewatch the interviews should you need to view them at a later time.”

Dr. Kella Price
Dr. Kella Price
Price Consulting Group

“Spark Hire provides us a more efficient way to conduct interviews that would meet our needs, scheduling and otherwise, and allow for flexibility in the scoring process. The greatest aspect of video interviewing is in the ability to score interviews “on your time.” This can be done in the evenings, weekends, etc. as time allows.”

Dolores Hernandez
Dolores Hernandez
Region One Education Service Center

“Since beginning to use Spark Hire, we have done video interviews with more than 2,000 candidates and our conversion rate is higher than when we did preliminary in-person interviews. Overall it has saved us so much time every single day, as our CEO can watch the completed interviews whenever he has time.”

Danielle Markowiak
Danielle Markowiak
Rush Innovation

​”Spark Hire has replaced our phone screen and first face to face interview. Now, we receive and pre-screen the applications, invite candidates to a one-way video interview, invite candidates to a single in-person interview, and make our hiring decision. Spark Hire has saved us a tremendous amount of time.”

Jennifer K. McDougal
Jennifer K. McDougal
Redstone Federal Credit Union

“Not only is Spark Hire an intuitive tool, but it is also something that was truly designed with efficiency in mind. One example of this is having the ability to save question and email templates and then easily add new candidates to the same job opening. Video interviewing took the stress out of having to schedule over 90 interviews in less than 6 weeks. Spark Hire’s platform is very intuitive. It allowed us to adopt a very different hiring approach in a very short amount of time.”

Mark Sargeant
Mark Sargeant
Riot Games

“With Spark Hire, we’re able to consider more candidates for a role because one-way interviews take less time to review than a phone call. We also find we can move candidates through the process more quickly due to them being able to complete their interview after work hours or on the weekends when they have free time.”

Elizabeth Turner
Elizabeth Turner,

“Spark Hire delivered the results that we sought from a video interviewing platform. It was very simple to use and required little training in order to set things up. It was great to see a product that can be easily branded at a minimal cost. Our candidates found the tool intuitive and I would recommend this to any company seeking to streamline their candidate selection stage.”

Marc Hughes
Marc Hughes
Rethink Group

“We’ve been able to process 5X the number of interviews than before our shift to Spark Hire. We also have received great feedback from our applicants who appreciate the flexibility the platform offers with scheduling. Apart from allowing us to increase our interview output, we have also significantly decreased the number of hours our staff devotes to interviews. Time savings from Spark Hire freed up my team to tackle other issues, ultimately saving us thousands of dollars worth of employee time.”

Matt Meltzer
Matt Meltzer
Sage Corps

“Spark Hire is time saving, efficient, and effective. Employees, supervisors, directors, and C-level staff are so busy handling Hospital and Health Care issues that video interviewing really does save time. Video interviewing helps to determine if a candidate would potentially a good fit without requiring the coordination of an in-person interview.”

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart
Saban Community Clinic

“Spark Hire’s customer service is exceptional, just off-the-charts amazing. I always feel like their top priority. Their product is easy for both my use and potential candidates. Spark Hire sets us apart from the rest, and saves our clients time and money. We think you’ll find it improves your time to place candidates. It also helps my colleague and I collaborate when we’re not both in the office.”

Synda McCormick
Synda McCormick

“We use Spark Hire as a pre-screening method for bulk hiring roles and during our open house hiring events. Since implementing Spark Hire, we have increased the quality of candidates in attendance at the events and decreased the time spent on in-person interviews.”

Dulna Aubourg
Dulna Aubourg
Spirit Airlines

“The results with Spark Hire have been incredible. I have clients that specifically give me more job orders because of the technology. 50% of my clients won’t see a candidate if they haven’t completed a video interview. Since I started with Spark Hire, I have had a success rate of over 85% with placements and a retention rate of 95%.”

James Harman
James Harman
Snap Talent International

“We connect skilled refugees with companies around the world. Spark Hire allows our candidates to put their best foot forward and introduce themselves to employers who can quickly get a sense of their personality and fit for potential roles.”

Madeline Holland
Madeline Holland
Talent Beyond Boundaries

“We used Spark Hire to screen over 200 applicants and it was a huge time saver. Having used other video interview tools I like how flexible Spark Hire is with the product tiers and price points. It was the best fit for our company and we plan on using it for all future hires.”

Chad Williams
Chad Williams

“We wanted a simple solution at a fair price. We wanted an interviewing method that would show a more complete picture of our candidates. We wanted to let them show their personality and grit which are the keys to our company culture. Our current agreement with Spark Hire has proven to be a tremendous value.”

Will Barrett
Will Barrett
Threshold 360

“Since we starting using Spark Hire, the percentage of candidates that were ultimately hired by our client improved by 60%. The video interviews provide our candidates an opportunity to sell themselves and for us to see if the candidate fits the position profile. This meant that a higher quality of candidate was ultimately invited to a face to face interview. In the past, candidates were brought in for face to face interviews based purely on paper screen alone.”

David Butler
David Butler
The Vector Group International

“Spark Hire has really helped our team cut down on the amount of time we spend screening candidates. We were actually able to remove phone screens entirely from our interview process. This has been a major efficiency gain for us as we all know how much time phone screens take.”

Nicole Torsella Harris
Nicole Torsella Harris
University of Pennsylvania

“Spark Hire has made a huge difference in our hiring process. It allows for the district to get more involved in the early part of the interview process so we make sure we hire the best person. With Spark Hire, the interview process is way more transparent. To date, we have hired 12 individuals using Spark Hire.”

Austin Duckett
Austin Duckett
Widener University

“Spark Hire was the solution I have been waiting for. Much better than the rest of the similar services out there. The platform is easy to use and customer service was AMAZING! I frequently received follow up emails and calls just to make sure I was comfortable with the product. We made 18 hires!”

Dr. Edward Albert
Dr. Edward Albert
Tulpehocken Area School District

“Spark Hire has saved us a tremendous amount of time going over resumes and doing phone interviews. Their system allows us to screen and categorize candidates quickly and allows us to evaluate more candidates per hour. Our candidates always say how easy the platform is to use during their interview.”

Tina Frank
Tina Frank
UpFront Marketing

“Spark Hire really is a time saver and allows candidates to do on their own time – something that has been beneficial since many of our candidates already have full-time employment. Our teachers spend a lot of time in front of students and presenting, so the video interview is a no brainer because it allows us to see how they are going to present themselves. And, how they are going to communicate with us. So, it’s been incredibly helpful for us.”

Michelle Burgess
Michelle Burgess
YES Prep Public Schools

“Since we signed up with Spark Hire, we definitely have a stronger candidate pool to select from now. The additional information we get about each applicant from their video interview is incredible. Our candidates are no longer just words on a piece of paper. We truly get know our candidates in a way that we never knew was possible.”

Deb Smith
Wyoming Department of Agriculture

Spark Hire reviews from G2

Hundreds of overwhelming positive reviews have earned Spark Hire the coveted top spot in the video interviewing software category.

G2 Logo
Spark Hire Customer Sherita smiling

"Streamlined Process for Better and Faster Results"

The one-way video interviews were an absolute game-changer for our company. The one-way video interviews allow the candidate’s profile to get off of the resume and come to life. The calendar invites have been a timesaver for us as well. It has almost completely eliminated the back-and-forth emails and calls trying to schedule a recruiter screening and manager interview. The thing that I like best though is the customer service. My rep is proactive and has consistently added value and insight quarter after quarter.

Pull the trigger! You will not regret going with Spark Hire. It is super easy to get set up and you will even have some fun creating your branded videos to share with candidates. The analytics that are provided give a great insight into your recruiting process and will allow you to review and improve that process. Small and large teams and companies would benefit greatly from the ability to share candidates and their videos quickly with fellow recruiters and hiring managers.

With a small team, we are able to screen a larger amount of candidates due to Spark Hire. The one-way interview is a great opportunity for us to get a more complete understanding of a candidate beyond the resume.

Michael J.

Michael J.
Campus Relations and Recruiting Lead

“Spark Hire: the tool that improves our recruiting process”

I’m the talent acquisition manager, responsible for leading the recruitment department and providing the results required for the appropriate filling of vacancies. When I received this position, where the plan was made up of infinite opportunities and a lot of hope to improve the recruitment process. The objective was to automate and streamline the process and make recruiting talent easier. Spark Hire has adapted to our needs making our selection process and technical interviews more immediate and optimizing time and quality in talent acquisition. The candidates resolve the question sets more easily at any moment of their day. Also, we can share the interviews with hiring managers, make a prescreening, and obtain their feedback.

Astrid B.

Astrid B.,

“One of the best investments we’ve made in our hiring process”

Before Spark Hire, we spent hours every week conducting phone screenings, which slowed down our hiring process in a very crippling way. Spark Hire has given us hours every week and sped up the hiring process tremendously. That was an expected outcome. The surprising improvement we got was that we also increased the quality of hire we were getting because of the effectiveness and consistency in the initial screening process.

We’re a small team in a very competitive space. Delays in hiring mean lost clients, lost revenue, stressed-out team members, and time being allocated away from the key areas of our business. Spark Hire is a critical element of what makes our business run.

Amber N.,
Chief Happiness Officer

“A fantastic candidate experience and invaluable tool!”

I love that we can customize our first touch with candidates in such a personalized way. Spark Hire allows hiring managers and HR teams to be more intentional in the questions we ask and how we’d like to guide candidates to think about this process and get to know us.

If you struggle with getting past the video interview phase with your current vendor, you need to check out SparkHire. It is so easy, the candidate and admin experience is amazing and the customer service is second to none. We are providing a video interview experience for EVERYONE with mobile capabilities. The frustration over the process is now gone. We have had zero reported tech issues with SparkHire from our candidates.

Jennifer H.

Jennifer H. Manager/Webmaster Small-Business

“User-friendly video interview software with excellent customer service.”

Spark Hire is easy to set up and provides a great way for our clients to view potential candidates and see how they present themselves. Spark Hire’s customer service is UNMATCHED – quick, responsive, and helpful.

I honestly cannot think of anything negative to say about Spark Hire. We do have some candidates who have been hesitant to use the online one-way interview. But once they experience it, they understand how helpful it is in the job selection process.

We handle nationwide recruitments and needed a way to present our top candidates to clients before the final interviews. Clients like to see how candidates present themselves and Spark Hire is an ideal way to do that. By answering just a few questions, a candidate can demonstrate his or her ability to communicate effectively and provide an overview of qualities and qualifications for the position. Spark Hire is an excellent supplement to our toolbox.

Jennifer S. Communications Coordinator Small-Business

“Great platform for expediting the interview process”

Spark Hire makes it easy to screen candidates before offering them a face-to-face interview. It is relatively simple to send and customize One-way interview invites and keep track of who has accepted/completed interviews. It is incredibly easy to search for specific people or interviews, and they have a robust filtering/tagging system. You can perform mass actions like invites, or declinations. We are constantly discovering new ways to improve our content on the site and make it more specific to our company.

Spark hire helps us to skip phone screen interviews and gives us a feel for each candidate before we meet them personally. We have also seen an increase in serious candidates because those who mass-apply to job posts tend to skip our one-way invites.


Amber N.
Hiring Manager

“Spark Hire has completely transformed my organization’s structured hiring model”

It saves time. Before its integration, the HR Team spent countless hours attempting to connect with a prospective candidate. Now, if we don’t speak with them directly for the initial one-way interview, there are multiple layers of contact to let them know they are proceeding through the selection process.

As mentioned, Spark Hire has assisted my HR Team with automating how we contact prospective hires. Now with the addition of the text feature, there are multiple contact layers for candidates so they will not miss the opportunity to be screened.


Dawn P.
Director of Human Resources

"Excellent tool and team"

The tool is easy to use and answers our needs for admissions and recruitment. They listened to our requirements and offered a solution that fits and is within our budget. Moreover, the SparkHire team listens to your feedback that they have never stopped improving their technology. While any company, new or existing, can come up with a solution that could compete with it, what sets SparkHire apart is the people behind it – the management, sales, technical, and customer success teams – excellent customer service they’ve rendered from the moment we got on board. Improving our admissions and recruitment process for the PhD programme. It adds value to our recruitment process.


Verified User in Higher Education

"Spark Hire has drastically changed our hiring process"

The system itself is super user-friendly, but it goes beyond that. We were seeking a way to get a larger candidate pool through our process by not only capturing those who test well but also those who don’t but might be a great culture fit. The one-way video interviews with Spark Hire have allowed us the freedom to do so and be able to capture a quick character assessment so we can go beyond the resume prior to live interviews, which has made a significant difference and proven that by using this platform we are able to bring in high-quality candidates that otherwise would have been filtered out by other parameters. The customer service is top notch too, with a super-fast turnaround, and extremely friendly. The quality of our candidate pool has increased significantly since using Spark Hire.


Verified User in Public Safety

"Great experience and great customer service"

The one-way interviews are extremely helpful to our company. I like that we are able to select how much think time, answer time, and redos are allowed. It saves our company so It saves our company so much time in finding qualified candidates.

If you are looking for a great platform to roll out one-way interviewing and live interviews, Spark Hire is a great choice. It is very user-friendly to both my users and candidates. When I have a question it is a quick turn around and our Rep. is constantly checking in and providing us with new features. The one-way interviews have saved us so much time in finding qualified candidates. We have a hiring need of 200, and so far this year Spark Hire has helped us hire 100 of them.


Katielyn E.
Recruiter- Generation Ipsos Analyst Development Program

"Great addition to our recruiting process!"

The site is very easy to use and navigate. Setting up a new job is simple, and creating question sets for each one is a breeze. Our managers have also found it very easy to use and have raved about how much nicer it is to use this in place of the traditional phone screen. New technology can be intimidating, but adopting SparkHire into our recruiting/screening process was a piece of cake for us and our managers. Additionally, customer service/support is very important to me and it has been phenomenal since the very first time I reached out to learn more about SparkHire. The amount of time we spend screening candidates has been significantly reduced, and sharing the videos with our managers rather than just a page of notes gives them a much better picture of the candidates they’re considering. At one point this year my supervisor and I had over 70 job postings, and holding 30-45 minute phone screens would have made that workload far more overwhelming. These SparkHire screens take 10-15 minutes tops – not to mention the time we no longer have to spend coordinating a time for the screen.
Altogether, SparkHire has been a huge time saver. Even setting up the jobs takes 5 minutes or less.

Lyndsay M.

Lyndsay M.
Talent Acquisition Specialist

"Spark Hire Success!"

What we love about Spark Hire is being able to interview large numbers of candidates for our 1st rounds without bringing them in person. We have the flexibility to watch them on our own time and replay them as many times as we need. We like that we can share the videos with our other hiring managers to view them before moving on to the 2nd and 3rd rounds. It saves tons of time from doing in-person interviews for multiple days. We also love the month-to-month option since we do not hire all year round. Additionally, our contact Spark Hire allows us to narrow down candidates for our final round of interviews without bringing them into the office. It allows us to have a larger 1st round interview pool by doing them virtually.


Verified User in Education Management

“Great recruiting tool! Very easy to use for admin and end-user.”

I like how simple it is to set up and send out to recruits. It is very user-friendly. One of my teammates sets up/sends out the video requests, but if I need to do it (after not doing it for a few months) – I can log in and refresh myself pretty quickly to get it done even though I don’t “live” in the program on a day-to-day basis. SparkHire gives us the ability to screen applicants without having to coordinate schedules or IT issues for a live Teams video call or a phone call.

Kelly C.

Kelly C.
Legal Talent Director

"Spark Hire for Recruiting in Higher Education"

“Spark Hire has replaced our initial phone screen process and saved our Recruitment Resource Partners a lot of time in screening candidates for first-round interviews. Previously, each phone screen would take 30-45 minutes, and then an additional 15-20 to document to the matrix. We now complete the matrix as we review the videos.”


Verified User in Higher Education

“Spark Hire is Your One-Stop Shop to Do All of Your Online Video Interviews”

Spark Hire is the best way to assess the applicant’s communication skills, the ability to comprehend the question and how they deliver their responses. The options of having one-way and live interviews are the best compared to others. I used spark hire to reconfirm the results of our online aptitude and personality tests. Spark Hire allows applicants to introduce themselves and gives us an idea of their communication skills and how they respond to job-related questions – which is vital for us to determine if they are fit for the final interview round.

Charmaine P.
Recruitment Coordinator

"Very User-Friendly"

The system is easy to use. Allows you to adjust the various components (unlimited chances to submit, limits on response time, etc). It is a great way to gain access to employees without tying up committees for hours.

Saving time, do not have to pull our committees together all the time. Not limited by their schedules. The ability to share and house interviews is excellent. It also provides some insight into how tech-savvy and creative candidates are.


Verified User in Primary/Secondary Education

"User-friendly, huge time saver in vetting candidates"

The platform essentially serves as a make-shift ATS for our organization. Easy to upload large volumes of candidates in a single CSV file. Easy to export candidate lists if you wish to send a personalized email reminder in the lead-up to submission deadlines. Their customer support staff are also extremely friendly and are always looking for ways to help you optimize your use of the platform. We brought on Spark Hire because our business receives more than 2,000 applications quarterly. Spark Hire allows us to quickly vet candidates suitable for our position via their video submissions, saving us significant time on screening calls.


Verified User in Primary/Secondary Education

"Time-saving Tool that makes the candidate experience even more impressive"

We value the efficiencies that using Spark Hire has brought to our process. The fact that it is linked to our ATS makes it even more powerful. Our candidates report that the interview experience is exciting and convenient for them. The customer support is the best in the game, super-fast, super friendly, and never lets us down.


Mark M.
Recruiter | Talent Aquisition

Spark Hire Customer Erica smiling at camera

Spark Hire reviews from other software review sites

Hundreds of overwhelming positive reviews have earned Spark Hire the coveted top spot in the video interviewing software category.

Capterra, GetApp and Software advice logos

"Perfect for our International Hiring Needs!"

The is an excellent and user-friendly software allowing us to schedule and manage our video interviews. The scoring system is great and helps us get the true thoughts of the whole interview team.


Josh D.
Human Resources Supervisor

"One-way video interviews for the win!"

Easy to set up and customize. Having the one-way video interviews as an extra screening layer frees up a ton of time for our recruitment team.


Brianna B.
US Recruitment Manager

"Awesome experience"

I had a great experience using Spark Hire and in the future will definitely use it again without question. The interview went smoothly and was well received.


Daniel B.
Utilities Maintenance/Boiler room

"Hripsime's review of Spark Hire "

It helped my team to save time, and effort and do more work than we did the previous years. It helped me to involve all the staff in the selection process. It saves all the recordings, and whenever we have any issue with any case, we can study that case thanks to the video recordings.


Hripsime K.
Head of Selection

"Getting an idea about the candidates hassle-free!"

Absolutely hassle-free! Being able to set up a one-way video interview with the candidates is very helpful. Not only does it give us ideas about them, but by adding the right type of question with ease, we get to know their thoughts, and what they are looking for in the next move.


Carissa M.
Technical Recruiter

"Great Product - Streamlined our Process"

The scheduler tool is cutting down our time to interviews by days, and we were able to fill a position 2 weeks faster than normal which helped us retain talent.


Adam H.
Director of Microbiology

"Very Happy With Spark Hire! "

Awesome overall experience! From HR to hiring Supervisors it is our favorite tool! We appreciate the ease of Spark Hire. Also, your customer service is top-notch!


Bethany B.
HI Generalist

"Love the Spark Hire Interview for my candidates!"

With Spark Hire I can give my hiring managers a consistent interview to help them make their hiring decisions. This is a quick, effective, dependable tool that I use daily in my recruitment process.


Connie J.
Recruiting Specialist

"Time-saving Tool"

We are able to do candidate evaluations at the beginning of the recruitment process to weed out unqualified candidates and identify highly regarded talent. This saves our clients time in the process by using the SparkHire videos as a first interview to view when they have time in their day.


Kim W.
Senior Technical Recruiter

Spark Hire Customer Jennifer smiling

"Great tool in this virtual recruiting environment"

Easy to use as far as sending it out to candidates and able to filter to see accepted, completed, etc. I like that you can send the video to other interviewers. We have had positive feedback from candidates about the experience and ease of use.


Stacy C.
University Program Manager

"Spark Hire-A Valuable Screening Tool"

 I love Spark Hire and would recommend it to anyone. Their tech teams are spot-on in responding to issues with candidates, alleviating the pressure for our team to have to respond and know all the answers to the items that may come up from a candidate’s side. I love that Spark Hire puts all candidates on the same playing field for an initial interview. The candidates don’t have the verbal/non-verbal feedback of Zoom/phone/in-person, so the interview is much more structured than our other options later in the process.


Cathy H.
HR Business Partner

"Great time saver"

This has alleviated a lot of stress from our graduate recruitment campaign, really adding value in the processes of differentiating one applicant from another based on their pre-recorded responses, great for high volumes. This is an easy product to use and the backend support is fabulous, very very happy with the experience we have had. This product is great for junior-level positions and senior roles. We use it for bulk recruitment and specialised positions and the function meets the needs of both types of recruitment. The personalised support is also very good with Spark Hire our support person is also available and up for any question we threw at them.


Julia M.
Talent Acquisition Projects Lead

"Spark Hire is a must for busy HR professionals!"

When I joined the company, a [exec] had heard about it from a business colleague. They showed it to me and I was sold. Implementation was easy and it has truly helped streamline our hiring process. Spark Hire is easy to use and convenient. Candidates can answer questions in the comfort of their own surroundings and our hiring managers can easily access and rate their submissions.


Meg T.
Human Resources Manager

"Like Hiring a Recruiting Team!"

Very positive! We use Spark Hire to interview participants for academic programs, so is a bit different than many other users. Instead of using an interview process to select one person for one job, we use Spark Hire to interview 100, 200, or more candidates to fill 20, 60, or 100 positions (depending on the program). Spark Hire is a great tool for increasing interview and selection efficiency. My team conducts 200-300 interviews a year, and managing all pieces of the process became very time-consuming. We initially tried Sparkhire for one of our programs and had a great experience. We’ve now rolled out Spark hire for more than 4 programs, and it’s honestly like we’ve expanded our team by 2-3 headcount.


JoAnna H.
Associate Director

"Spark Hire Makes Hiring More Efficient"

Spark Hire is the “new normal” for hiring, helping to make the hiring process more efficient while still maintaining a personal touch. It allows you to set up either one-way or two-way interviews with potential candidates, allowing great screening prior to final in-person interviews. It is ideal for all sizes of companies and for most (if not all) positions. I like that the questions can be customized, you can create different custom question sets, create video intros and outros, and the entire service is branded for your company. There is the ability (with some accounts, depends on price) to have multiple jobs open and have multiple users (i.e. the entire hiring team) who review submissions. The program is incredibly user-friendly from both the company’s perspective as well as the candidate’s perspective. There is a great knowledge base as well as video tutorials, and for the company, there is a terrific onboarding service. I like that there are a variety of pricing levels with various features to best fit a user’s needs. For me, I appreciate that my clients who use Spark Hire can go month-to-month on use when they are not on a complete hiring rampage. We can essentially turn the program on and off on an as-needed basis which makes it incredibly cost-effective for our needs. For power users, there are annual payment plans to help drive costs lower.


Verified Reviewer
Management Consulting

"Game Changer"

I can’t imagine doing my job without it. It is so affordable, the customer service reps are awesome, and I have yet to have a candidate complain about their experience. The one-way interview option has significantly cut back on the amount of time I spend interviewing a candidate. I now utilize this as my knockout session and it has saved me and the candidate a lot of time.


Verified Reviewer,
Medical Practice

"Spark Hire is Vital to Saving you time in the Hiring Process"

This is a very well thought out and developed product. The management team does a great job of following up with you and making sure that you have all of the tools to make this tool a vital part of your hiring process. I highly recommend this software and guarantee that it will save your team time and money both going through the interview process as well as employee turnover.

-Very User-Friendly and clean interface
-The video interview tool is very complete and easy to use for both user and admin
-Takes time away from doing a complete phone screen
-Very customizable to show off your brand
-Has a built-in scheduling tool that helps with the candidate booking a time (if approved) to interview with you
-Amazing Customer Service and support that walk you through the entire set up process
-A dedicated Account Manager that follows up regularly
-Built-in interview questions that allow for a thorough screening process


Oscar E.
Director of Talent Acquisition

From candidates

Candidates continually rave about the flexibility and convenience that Spark Hire One-Way interviews provide them, and the superior experience via a user friendly platform and 24/7 support.

6+ million Interviews

Millions of interviews completed over 10+ years in business

4.7 Average Candidate Experience Rating

On average, candidates rate their Spark Hire experience 4.7 stars out of 5

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6,000+ organizations have interviewed candidates in 100+ countries


Spark Hire completes an annual SOC 2 audit to validate information security controls


Spark Hire engages with an accessibility firm for continuous improvement

This was an amazing experience. I truly felt comfortable with this interviewing process.

Love the one way interview process!!!

This is a great method for a company to get to know the candidate better. Thank you!

Great experience. Super easy to follow.

The video was easy to do because the questions presented the opportunity to show my personality, which is very important for some positions, especially working with and assisting people.

This was my first time doing an interview via video and I feel like it gave me a view into the future. Gave me time to think and not feel like there’s too much pressure on me

First time user, I was impressed to see how easy it was. I was glad I was able to do some practice videos too. It certainly helped me with my confidence and nerves.

I loved this! Really cool concept and really great experience!

The platform used for this one-way interview was great. No problems from my end. An excellent experience.

This system was very easy to use. Glad technology has advanced to this level.

I think this was a very efficient way to run an interview and it was very low-stress.

Thank you for the interview opportunity. This was my first experience having a one-way interview. I liked it. It is convenient and comfortable. Plus I could do it on my own time.

Great and convenient way to start off the interview process!!

The software was very straightforward and the how-to explanations were concise. It was a smooth process. The email reminders were also very helpful.

Very easy to use and quick! Liked teh [sic] format a lot and enjoyed being able to think about my answers before I gave them.

A very efficient process and not intimidating. I enjoyed it very much (or as much as one can enjoy an interview!).

I love this method of interviewing. It’s creative, easy to use, and less pressure than a normal person to person interview. The questions I believe give a nice insight to a candidate and are great at showing the focus of the company.

It is the 1st time that I have been interviewed with 1-way video. Huge advantages that it can take place everywhere/anytime and also pretty simple for starters. It was an interesting experience, keep up the good work!!

This is a great way to complete an initial interview.

This is a one-of-a kind interview experience. My very first one-sided interview for a job post. It was fun to answer the questions. Overall, a great experience.

Simple and easy : )

Very intuitive way of doing video interviews!

Really great experience. I especially enjoyed the video questions from a real person.

I like how smooth everything worked.

Very smooth, all interviews should use this model of interviewing!

It was the first time i was experience an interview like this. It was something new for me but challenging so i strongly believe that it is very effective to both sides, both the interviewer and the company.

I was a bit nervous about this experience because I’ve never done an interview like this. However it was so easy and actually pretty fun to do.

I really like this interview process it was very easy to navigate and a less nervous experience!

Thank you for the opportunity of completing this one-way interview! It was very easy to understand and the instructions were helpful.

Very easy-going and made simple for the applicant.

This was a pretty exciting way to do an interview! Never had an interview experience like this before.

The process was very simple and well-explained in the tutorial videos. I knew exactly how the one-way interview was going to play out.

Loved this! I was super nervous at first, but I actually ended up loving the sparkhire [sic] platform, and the questions were really fun to answer!

Excellent and lovable experience.

This felt surprisingly natural. I really appreciated the step-by-step introduction to help the process run smoothly.

It was a quite good and new experience to me to give interview like that, thank you everyone to make it easy and possible. 🙂

That was fun

I really had a great time doing this one way video interview and im looking forward for the next interview soon, hopefully.

Very seamless and awesome set up for an interview I lowkey had a great time

Everything was great and it was a wonderful experience.

This is a cool way of interviewing I was still nervous but a lot less so.

Your system and interview process is amazing

This is a very unique software that had an excellent tutorial. It was very well designed and did not feel difficult to use, and offered a unique experience.

This was quite interesting and exciting. I recorded my video at midnight while my 1 and 2 month baby boys were asleep.

This is the first time I have done a one-way video interview. You guys have made it easy to navigate and I appreciate all of your different videos and tips. Thank you!

I loved this interview experience! I feel it was perfect for people like myself who struggle with social anxiety.

That was a really cool way to do an interview!

Excellent remote Interview process, having more than enough time to see the questions and think about a response really helps!

What a fun way to interview!

I like the process. Simple but effective and easy to use.

Very fun interview process–makes it exciting!

What a great and innovative way to do interviews.

Super easy and fun!! Takes the stress away!

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