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Benefits of Live Video Interviews

A flexible and professional way to 
conduct remote interviews

Conduct interviews, share recorded sessions for feedback, and provide a seamless branded experience with live video interviews.

Interview candidates remotely

Seamlessly meet with your candidates from any device no matter where they are located

Two hiring managers interviewing a candidate remotely in real-time
Composite of Candidate interviewing next to list of interview questions and a branded greeting

Create a professional virtual 
interview environment

Add your own branding, create custom question sets and invite team members to join interviews and provide feedback

Built to accommodate your unique hiring process

Centralize your interview recordings and collaborate with hiring stakeholders

Product shots of Candidate showcase share link and list of completed interviews

Live Video Interview Features

Create a first-class remote interview process

Automate scheduling, follow a consistent process, and collaborate with hiring managers on important hiring decisions

Spark Hire's logo uploader and eyedropper tool help you customize branding

Brand the candidate experience

Incorporate your organization’s branding to create continuity in your hiring process.

Visuals of interviewing scheduling feature include 'view availability' and Send buttons

Automate interview scheduling

Connect your calendar so candidates can book a time for a live video interview based on your availability.

Composite of Spark Hire's interview question set tool

Keep track of your interview questions

Pre-load interview questions you want to ask and easily reference them during the live video interview.

Visual representation of Spark Hire's live video interview bookmark tool

Bookmark meaningful interview moments

Timestamp sections of a live video interview that you want to refer back to or point others in the direction of later.

Composite of Spark Hire's Record and Share tools

Record and share interviews

Refer back to previously completed live video interviews, share them with hiring stakeholders that couldn’t attend, and submit ratings/evaluations to determine next steps.

Compare Live Video Interview Solutions

Designed to make hiring easier

Spark Hire is purpose-built to streamline the hiring process for talent acquisition teams

Compare Spark Hire Zoom Microsoft teams Google Meet
Branded candidate experience
Built-in scheduling
Interview question sets
Interview bookmarking
Evaluate interviews in one place

Best Live Interview Solution

See how customers improve their 
hiring efficiency with Spark Hire

Mark Madson-Russell headshot

Effortlessly completed over 900 interviews in one year

Being able to have live two-way video calls, video interviews, as well as the one-way videos has just made everything incredibly efficient and safe.

Mark Madson-Russell,
Recruiter, TPH

Kristal Shropshire headshot

Multi-task with convenient scheduling tools

With a lean team, it’s hard to be able to cover interviews with individuals, the scheduling, the rescheduling, and then also execute on the full cycle recruitment. Now that we have Spark Hire, it has been tenfold an opportunity for us to leverage our capacity in a different way.

Kristal Shropshire,
Director of Talent Acquisition, Achievement Network

Hired over 500 people in 2021

It’s made the hiring jobs so much easier. All of the managers prefer every candidate to start off there, and that’s really been the benchmark for any of the processes and process improvements that we’ve made on the recruiting team.

Daron Allen,
Field Recruiter, McKenney’s

Hiring manager conducting a live video interview in front of laptop

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