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Interview candidates in real time no matter where they are and record the interview for better collaboration with key stakeholders in the hiring process.

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Live video interviews versus video chat

Reap the benefits of a video interviewing platform built for recruiting.

Advantages of Spark Hire Spark Hire Video Chat

Brand your interview experience

Make your interviews more professional and representative of your brand by adding your logo and customizing your colors.

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Record full length interviews

Capture the live video interview so it can be referred back to a later time and shared with other members of the hiring process.

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Receive live concierge support

Connect with our proactive support team who can help you and your candidates test their settings before an interview.

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Interview from your browser

There’s no software to download and no need to add candidates to a contact list - simply launch your web browser and enter the interview.

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Live video interviews empower you to meet face-to-face from anywhere

Connect personally with your candidates when meeting in person isn’t feasible or cost-effective.

Broaden your talent pool

Expand your search for the perfect hire by interviewing non-local candidates on video.

Improve hiring team collaboration

Share recorded video interviews with hiring managers to get their input while saving time.

Save on travel expenses

Decrease (or eliminate) the number of candidates you fly in.

How live video interviews work

Schedule a time to meet

Choose a date and time to meet with your candidates or let them select a slot that works for them based on your availability via our interview scheduling software.

  • Candidate receives an email invitation with your branding
  • Download the calendar file for the live video interview
  • Easily reschedule the live video interview if needed
Scheduling a Live Video Interview
Recorded Live Video Interview

Connect in your web browser

When it comes time for your live video interview, open Spark Hire in your web browser to connect with your candidate.

  • You and your candidate enter a branded interview room
  • The interview is automatically recorded and archived
  • No need to download any desktop application

Watch and collaborate

Review the live video interview recording and use interview evaluation and collaboration features to make more informed hiring decisions.

  • Rewind or fast forward to focus on key parts of the interview
  • Quickly share the live video interview with hiring managers
  • Refer back to the recording at any time in the future
Scheduling a Live Video Interview

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