One-Way Video Interview

Gain more insight on candidates in a fraction of the time by having candidates self-record video answers to your interview questions.

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One-Way Video Interview

One-way video interviews lead to better and quicker hiring results

The asynchronous nature of one-way video interviews lets you invite, review, and share your completed interviews, on-demand.

Streamline candidate screening

Speed up your hiring by developing a continuous interview flow. Candidates respond to your interview questions on their own time so you don’t have to worry about scheduling.

Eliminate phone interviews

Stop spending 30 minutes on the phone with candidates early in the process and start reviewing one-way video interviews at your leisure to learn more about candidates in less time.

Get quicker feedback

Capture instant feedback from hiring managers by sharing recorded video interviews with them. Make collaborative decisions about which candidates make it to the next round.

Personalize the experience

Customize the interview experience by taking advantage of branding features. Candidates will complete their one-way video interview with a memorable impression of your organization.

Create consistent interviews

Establish a fair interview process so all candidates answer the same questions under the same conditions to ensure everyone has an opportunity to put their best foot forward.

Make interviewing convenient

Empower candidates with busy schedules to interview at a time that best suits them. This provides candidates with the flexibility they’ll appreciate.

How one-way video interviews work

Build your interview

Determine the questions you want your candidates to respond to in their one-way video interview.

  • Questions can be written or recorded videos of you or someone from your team asking them
  • Control how long a candidate can think about their answer before recording, how many attempts they have to record, and how long their answer can be
  • Save your question sets as templates so they can be easily re-used for future interviews
Build Your One-Way Video Interview
One-Way Video Interview

Candidates record their responses

Send out your invitations via the Spark Hire platform or using an interview link and your candidates can instantly start their interviews.

  • One-way video interviews can be completed on a computer via webcam
  • If a candidate doesn’t have a webcam, they can use any smart device like a mobile phone or tablet to complete their interview
  • 24×7 technical support team from Spark Hire is here to assist your candidates

Review and share

Receive notifications when the one-way video interviews are completed so you can review, evaluate, and share the interviews with key stakeholders in the hiring process.

  • Rate and comment on the interviews to determine which candidates make your shortlist
  • Share an unlimited number of interviews with hiring managers
  • Use intuitive candidate management features such as rejections or tagging to stay organized
One-way interviews provide flexibility for you and candidates

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