Many organizations are flocking from Skype, a video chat tool built for personal use, to Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform purpose-built for recruitment.

Transform the way you screen candidates.

Asynchronous video interview

Candidates respond to your interview questions by recording video answers via webcam or the Spark Hire mobile app.

Convenient for you and your candidates

Candidates complete the interview on their own time while your team reviews the interviews at their convenience.

Far more insight, way less time

Most customers use one-way video interviews as an alternative to the phone screen because you’ll gain way more insight in a fraction of the time.


Record your interviews

Live video interviews are automatically recorded and available for playback on Spark Hire whereas Skype has no built-in recording functionality.

Sharing is caring

Share your recorded video interviews on Spark Hire with hiring authorities so everyone sees the same interview and is on the same page regarding candidates.

Collaborate with your team

Spark Hire provides collaboration tools such as a 5-star rating system, comment feeds, interview tagging, and rejection management to ensure better decisions are made.


Easy to connect

No need for your candidates to download desktop software and add you as a Skype contact. Instead, candidates simply follow a link and connect directly from their web browser.

Keep your brand front and center

Your video interviews will be branded with your company logo, colors, videos, and more to highlight your organization. It looks just like your own site!

Feels like a job interview

When a candidate does a video interview with you, they have access to the job description and all verbiage is related to a job interview.


It’s in the cloud

Spark Hire’s platform lives in your web browser so your IT department doesn’t need to approve and install clunky desktop software.

It’s secure

Your connections to Spark Hire are encrypted via SSL. Spark Hire is also US-EU Safe Harbor compliant.

IT has access to Spark Hire’s support team

In the event that your organization has a complex internal network, your IT team has access to Spark Hire’s support team so any questions can be quickly addressed.


World class training and support

Don’t feel overwhelmed by technology -- our staff will fully train you to become a Spark Hire expert!

Drop us a line, anytime

Our technical support team is here to answer your questions and troubleshoot any issues you face. No more submitting tickets to a blackhole.

Incredible concierge services

Schedule a time for you or your candidate to connect with a member of Spark Hire’s support team for a test interview to make sure your webcam and microphone are properly set up

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