The Benefits of Video Interviews

The Ultimate Guide to Video Interviewing

So you’re wondering how a video interview can benefit job seekers, right? There are plenty of ways online interviewing can cut down on the stress of the traditional job hunt.

Everyone knows that searching for a new job can be a stressful and time-consuming process. According to a study about 30 percent of job seekers spend their time searching for jobs and only 13 percent of their time researching companies. The interview should be the light at the end of the tunnel. Finally, you’ll have a chance to really connect with employers and sell your skills. Instead, the in-person or phone interview often presents it’s own set of logistical challenges. Now you’re stressed out and the interview hasn’t even started!

The ability to interview online can take a lot of the stress out of the traditional interview process. This will free up some headspace for you to concentrate on answering those tough questions to nab your dream job.

Here are some ways a virtual interview can benefit job seekers:

Think Things Through

The benefit of a One-Way Interview is the ability to think through difficult questions without a hiring manager breathing down your back. Getting flustered over a tough question happens to everyone. In a traditional face-to-face interview, however, it can really hurt your chances of nabbing the job. One-Way or one-way video interviews allow you to read the tough questions and briefly formulate a great answer away from prying eyes without feeling the need to fill any dead air. While you only have a short amount of time until you start recording, all employers will see is your great, confident answer.

Save on Travel

You’ve nabbed a great interview and you’re psyched. Only problem? The interview is three towns over and during rush hour. Online interviewing helps job seekers cut out the travel time to their dream job destination. So get out of gridlock and get into your next job!


Flexibility is especially important for passive job candidates. What’s a passive candidate? It’s a job seeker who is currently employed. Passive job seekers have packed schedules, which makes scheduling traditional face-to-face interviews difficult.

Look at it this way: do you want to take off a day from work to go on a job interview? Save those personal days and start up your webcam instead! A video interview offers the flexibility to work around your schedule.

One-Way Interviews allow job seekers to record answers to employer questions whenever their schedule is free and allows employers to view these video answers at their earliest convenience. Plus, if your life is always on the move, now you can take video interviewing with you. Spark Hire now offers a mobile app that allows job seekers to record One-Way Interviews quickly and easily right from their phones. Now you never have to stop moving in your job hunt.

Want more face time? Live interviewing allows job seekers to get the same face-to-face interview experience as you would in person, only on your own timetable.

Video interviews benefit job seekers by offering more flexibility, less travel, and more time to ponder the big questions. So what are you waiting for?