Why choose Spark Hire over other applicant
tracking systems?

 If you’re looking for an applicant tracking system, Spark Hire’s ATS is

  • Trusted by hundreds of growing organizations
  • Rated highly by customers on G2, with a 4.6/5 satisfaction score
  • Part of Spark Hire’s innovative Talent Acquisition Suite
Spark Hire's Applicant Tracking System is focused on the candidate and hiring manager experience

What makes Spark Hire’s ATS the right solution for you?

We’re the only ATS that is
focused on the candidate and hiring manager 
experience to free recruiters

Our Applicant Tracking system provides tools to simplify the talent acquisition process

We empower talent acquisition teams to be stewards of the hiring process. We enable hiring managers to make decisions with more confidence than ever. We help candidates put their best foot forward. Through asynchronous solutions, automation, and AI, we bring harmony to the hiring process and improve the experience for everyone.

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Fosters collaboration and the feedback loop

  • Intelligent task automation and purpose-built integrations provide the hiring team with a frictionless way to offer timely feedback
  • Built for distributed teams so collaboration is seamless, regardless of your location
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Automates key parts of the
hiring process

  • Auto-scheduling enables candidates to choose an available interview slot, without having to manually coordinate a meeting
  • The AI assistant composes job descriptions and interview questions while applying proven recruiting best practices 
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Makes it possible to get the recruiting data you need

  • A comprehensive reports library featuring dozens of customizable, filterable and downloadable reports

Spark Hire has everything you need in an ATS, AND unique features designed to empower hiring managers to be more engaged in their role in recruiting.

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Auto-Scheduling Pro

to speed the interview scheduling process

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Candidate Search

to manage a large volume of candidates intuitively

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AI Assistant

to save valuable time spent writing job descriptions and interview questions

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Comprehensive Reports Library

to measure and monitor the effectiveness of your recruiting process

Part of Spark Hire’s Talent Acquisition Suite

  • Robust integration with Spark Hire’s best-in-class talent assessment platform
  • Embedded video interview functionality for a seamless process in one system
  • Commitment to ongoing innovation and growth
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Unmatched customer service

  • Dedicated onboarding support
  • Ongoing support from a CSM, Account Manager, and Customer Support team
  • Consistent customer education and best practices

Fair and flexible pricing

  • Competitive pricing for organizations of all sizes
  • Cost savings for customers who wish to buy multiple Spark Hire products

What customers are saying

The hardest part of a talent person’s role is always getting your hiring managers engaged and your talent partners collaborating effectively. We rely on Spark Hire’s ATS to ensure that our entire hiring team stays aligned, and everyone is focused on bringing the best talent onboard.

Debby Clement, VP of EMEA Talent, Pax8

With Spark Hire’s ATS, I can get a hiring manager involved by just sending them an invite and telling them with confidence “get in there and navigate around.” 95% of the time, hiring managers can figure it out with little-to-no further instruction from me.

Stefanie Pitts, VP of PeopleOps, BridgeHealth

Spark Hire’s ATS has an easy platform to learn and train others in the organization. All “partners” in our hiring process can collaborate in the same platform.

Miri Saar, Director of Human Resources, Myers JDC Brookdale