Video Interviews for Staffing and Recruiting Firms

Video interviewing helps you get candidates in front of clients quicker leading to more placements and increased revenue.

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Make more placements with video interviews

Watch this video of Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire, to learn how you can make better hires faster than ever before.

How staffing and recruiting firms use video interviews

500+ staffing and recruiting firms use Spark Hire to efficiently connect with their candidates and improve how these candidates are presented to clients.

Screen your candidates efficiently and effectively

Utilize video interviews as a way to efficiently connect with your candidates and vet them before you submit them to clients.

Invite candidates to video interviews

Get candidates to record video responses to your interview questions on their own time or facilitate a live video interview to speak in real time.


Review and collaborate internally

Watch the video interview recordings at your convenience and collaborate with team members to build your shortlist.


Determine which candidates to submit

Filter your top candidates’ video interviews and select the ones you’re going to send over to clients.

Screen Candidates

Present your candidates in a more engaging format

Improve how you present candidates to clients by sharing a shortlist of video interviews and empowering clients to provide feedback.

Coach up your candidates

Coach up your candidates to ensure you have a polished video interview recording.

Share with clients

Share the top candidates' video interviews with your clients on a visually-stunning landing page that matches your brand.

Follow up in real time

Get instant notifications when your clients are watching the videos so you can follow up in real time.

Why staffing and recruiting firms love video interviews

No matter the size of your recruiting firm, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of video interviewing.

Get candidates in front of clients quicker

Make your candidates more tangible to clients

Gain an advantage over competitors not using video interviews

Brand your firm as innovative to your candidates and clients

Improve collaboration with clients so time is not wasted

Build a digital library of video interviews that you can refer to at any time

Connect with candidates no matter where they are located

Improve your KPIs with video interviews

500+ staffing and recruiting firms are boosting their metrics and driving more revenue thanks to Spark Hire.

Make more placements faster than ever before

Spark Hire makes it easy for you to try out video interviews at your recruiting firm.