What is a video interview? How does one interview online? And how can you use virtual interviews to find your next great candidate? These are all common questions when job seekers and employers consider using online interviewing. Here are some simple explanations to some of the prevalent questions.

What is a Video Interview?

A video interview uses online video technology to allow job seekers and employers to connect earlier in the interviewing process. Since 55 percent of all communication occurs at the nonverbal level, seeing and being seen is extremely important. Video interviews also allow both job seekers and employers to cut down on valuable time and money. Now instead of fighting traffic to make an important interview, candidates can fire up their webcams and land the job of their dreams. For employers this means less hectic scheduling and more time spent deciding on the perfect candidate.

Types of Video Interviews

Not all virtual interviews are created equal. The following are the two major types of online interviewing and the way Spark Hire allows job seekers and employers to spark a connection.

One-Way Interviews:

Just what is a One-Way Interview? A One-Way Interview is also sometimes referred to as a one-way interview, because in this form job seekers are the ones doing all the talking. In One-Way Interviews employers send candidates a series of text based questions, which employers can even save for later use. Once these questions have flown into the inbox of potential hires, it’s the job seeker’s time to shine.

Job seekers can use the video format to answer interview questions while showing off their impressive communication skills, personality and charisma. What’s more, this form of virtual interviewing allows candidates to think about tricky questions and come up with the best answers before hitting record.

Once job seekers hit submit, employers can view their video answers at their earliest (or latest) convenience. Need to collaborate on a hire? Spark Hire makes it simple by allowing employers to share One-Way Interviews with the entire team. Now virtual interviewing can work around your schedule and many HR pros are ditching the phone screen because of it.

Live Interviews:

Looking to save time and money during the interview process? Look no further than live online interviews. These interviews work just like their three dimensional counterparts, only minus travel costs and all the time it takes to schedule a normal face-to-face. Now, without any installation of bulky desktop software, employers and job seekers can spark a connection whenever and wherever. Miss the interview but still want to weigh in? Spark Hire allows live video interviews to be recorded and played back at a later date so even those not in the office during the interview can have a say. It's video interview collaboration made easy!

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