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Spark Hire's
Applicant Tracking System

A flexible applicant tracking system for small and medium-sized organizations that dream about hiring better as a team.

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Our applicant tracking system helps you pull it all together

700+ organizations use our ATS to support a wide range of hiring processes.

Flexible for how you hire

Customize your hiring process per job with our simple drag-and-drop workflow builder. Easily make modifications on the fly as needed.

Image showing drag and drop capabilities within the Comeet app
Comeet user interface shows user and team tasks

Drive accountability across your team

Never feel the need to nudge a hiring manager ever again. See exactly what you (and your hiring managers) need to get done today with our task-based system.

Unlock efficiencies to move faster

Save days, if not weeks, with integrated video interviews, automated scheduling, and AI-powered content creation tools.

Comeet interface shows scheduling tools that allow users to collaborate and work smarter
ATS user interface shows visualized data for better data-driven decision making

Make data-driven decisions

Gain valuable insights on your candidate pipeline, hiring team members, interview stages, and more with our powerful and easy-to-use reporting suite.

Smiling team, crossed arms

We're ready to help you improve hiring.

Whether you’re looking to switch applicant tracking systems or are evaluating the first one for your organization, we can help.

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