Our useful and easy-to-use features help you do your job better.


Gain more insight on candidates in a fraction of the time a phone interview takes.

Develop interview templates consisting of text or video-based questions for your candidates to answer on their own time via webcam or the Spark Hire mobile app. Build a digital library of video interviews for you to review, on-demand.


Empower candidates to easily complete video interviews with flexibility on how you invite them.

Leverage an open interview link to invite candidates to one-way interviews in a variety of ways. Include the link in personal emails, on print material, your website, and more to make it simple and convenient for your candidates to complete their one-way video interviews.

Include it on your website

Enable candidates to access your open interview link 24/7 by making it a call-to-action on your website.


Interview candidates no matter where they are, in real time.

Plus, it’s recorded.

Facilitate a face-to-face interview through a portal branded with your logo and company colors. These virtual interviews are recorded so you can share them with colleagues and refer back to them at any time.


Come to better hiring decisions with powerful collaboration tools.


Easily organize your interviews by creating custom tags.


Rate interviews on a 5-star scale to quickly drill down on which candidates you should be pursuing.


Post comments to completed interviews and facilitate thoughtful discussions.


Present your candidates to hiring authorities on a beautiful, collaborative landing page.

The ultimate way to present an individual or group of candidates to a hiring authority or team member. Get alerts when a candidate is reviewed and let the viewer provide feedback with no login required. It’s awesome.


Keep candidates in the loop about their status within your hiring process.

Easily document and download reports on why your organization is not pursuing candidates for specific positions. Address the common pain point of not being able to get back to candidates who don’t make it to the next round through our internal email tool.


Build your candidate experience from the ground up so interviews are consistent and personalized.

Choose your color scheme

Select a primary and secondary color to make your interview pages match the look and feel of your company’s brand.

Custom welcome videos

Introduce yourself and your company by recording or embedding videos that will play before your candidates complete their interviews.

Add company photos

Showcase your company's culture in the photo gallery. Upload photos of your team at events or just having fun around the office.


Use Spark Hire with your applicant tracking system of choice.

Great software should play well together and our video interviewing solutions are integrated with 20+ applicant tracking systems. Don't see your ATS or have a custom integration request? That's where our API comes in.


Broadcast opportunities and obtain referrals by tapping into your social networks.

Connect your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to Spark Hire and socially distribute your video interview invitations.


Engage more stakeholders in the recruiting process by choosing what each individual can see and do on the platform.

Assign user roles, create groups, and delegate permissions so you're always in control of different access levels within your account.


Track your video interviewing efforts and use reporting functions to optimize your strategy.

We’re big believers that every company needs a video interviewing strategy. With great insights from our simple analytics dashboard, it’s easy to monitor and improve the results of your team’s campaign.

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Make video interviewing accessible to busy professionals on-the-go.

iOS or Android

Spark Hire’s mobile application is available for both iOS and Android devices. Get it in the App Store or Google Play Store.

No webcam, no problem

Wondering how your candidates record videos if they don’t have a webcam? Our mobile app has them covered.

Review interviews from anywhere

Review, rate, and comment on interviews straight from your smart phone or tablet.

2,000+ companies use Spark Hire's video interviewing platform.

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