Special Education Teacher Interview Questions

Craft an insightful interview for a special education teacher with our guide. We provide you with characteristics to look for, how to interview, and the questions to ask for the best special education hires.

Special Education teachers play a vital role in ensuring that students with diverse needs receive a quality education. They are responsible for developing and implementing specialized curricula and teaching strategies that meet the unique needs of students with disabilities, learning difficulties, or physical challenges that require special assistance in a learning environment.

Developing a thorough screening process to hire special education teachers for your school district is critical to your success in offering an inclusive and enriching education for all students. Due to the overwhelming teacher shortages your hiring team may face, it is important to streamline your early screening stages to advance the best special education teachers quickly without compromising on your quality of hire.

To hope your team identify and hire the best special education teachers for your school, we compiled a few best practices and interview questions.

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What to Look for in a special education teacher

  • Patience: A special education teacher should have the patience to work with students who may need more time or extra help.

  • Flexibility: Special education students have different needs, so a teacher must be able to adjust their teaching style and methods to meet those needs.

  • Empathy: A special education teacher should be able to understand and relate to their students, as well as their families.

  • Collaboration: Working with other teachers, parents, and support staff is crucial for a special education teacher, so the ability to collaborate effectively is important.

  • Organization: Special education teachers often have complex caseloads and need to manage a lot of paperwork and data, so organizational skills are essential.

  • Creativity: A special education teacher should be able to think creatively to find new and innovative ways to help their students learn and succeed.

  • Knowledge of special education laws and regulations: A special education teacher should have a strong understanding of the legal and regulatory framework that governs special education, including IEPs, 504 plans, and other relevant laws and regulations.

How to Interview a special education teacher

Because Special Education teachers possess a unique set of skills, evaluations at every stage need to present opportunities for candidates to expand on their experience. Beyond confirming training and certifications for different populations of students are up-to-date, interviewers can identify stand-out candidates for Special Education teacher jobs by asking open-ended questions about their classroom experience.

Behavioral and situational questions are a great way to learn if candidates are able to navigate many of the challenges that can arise in the learning environment. Soft skills interview questions also help evaluate a candidate’s non-technical skills or personal attributes, such as communication, teamwork, adaptability, leadership, problem-solving, and time management.

Asking these types of questions via one-way video interviews, live video interviews, and in-person interviews allows hiring decision-makers to assess for personality and culture fit as well.

Best Types of Questions to Ask a special education teacher

Here are some of the best interview questions to consider when interviewing a special education teacher:
  1. What inspired you to become a Special Education teacher, and what keeps you motivated in your work?
  2. How do you approach developing and implementing specialized curriculum and teaching strategies for students with diverse needs?
  3. How do you collaborate with parents, colleagues, and other professionals to support the educational and emotional needs of your students?
  4. Can you give an example of a challenging situation you faced in your work and how you addressed it?
  5. How do you manage and supervise support staff and resources to ensure the needs of your students are met effectively?
  6. How do you engage and motivate students who may be struggling with a range of challenges, including emotional and behavioral issues?
  7. How do you ensure that your teaching methods are adaptable and tailored to the individual needs of each student?
  8. What strategies do you use to support students with disabilities during assessments and exams?
  9. How do you monitor and evaluate the progress of your students, and what methods do you use to communicate progress to parents and other stakeholders?
  10. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest research, trends, and best practices in Special Education, and how do you incorporate these into your teaching?

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