Spark Hire and ATS OnDemand Integration

Simplify and streamline your hiring process with video interviewing.

Video Interviews Integrated With ATS OnDemand

Watch the demo video below to see seamless it is to use the Spark Hire and ATS OnDemand integration. Using the integration, you’re able to:

  • Create a video interview status in ATS OnDemand
  • Invite candidates to answer customized interview questions
  • View and share candidate responses with all decision makers

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How the Spark Hire and ATS OnDemand Integration Works

ATS OnDemand How it Works

Trigger video interview invitations to candidates via a status update in ATS OnDemand


Candidates do the video interviews on Spark Hire and you’ll get notified upon completion

One-way Playback

Watch and share with completed interviews with hiring managers in a single click

What customers are saying

"We made 300 hires out of 8,000 applicants with a recruiting team of 3 people."

Leslie Wilson

Leslie Wilson

Digital Federal Credit Union

"We replaced our 30 minute phone interviews with 6-7 minute one-way video interviews."

Richa Garg

Richa Garg

Barrick Gold

"We vet candidates much faster and make decisions about who we invite for onsite interviews."

Carrie Mull

Carrie Mull

Illinois Eye Center

"I would absolutely recommend Spark Hire to anybody that is in HR or does a significant amount of hiring. It’s guaranteed to increase your productivity."

John Zeugschmidt

John Zeugschmidt


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