Spark Hire and Greenhouse Integration

Add video interviews as a hiring stage in Greenhouse to optimize your screening efficiency and effectiveness.

Video Interviews Integrated With Greenhouse

Watch the demo video below to see how easy it is to configure and use Spark Hire’s video interviewing tool from Greenhouse. Using the integration, you’re able to:

  • Invite candidates to video interviews from Greenhouse
  • Get notified when video interviews are completed
  • Watch video interviews in a single click from Greenhouse

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How the Spark Hire and Greenhouse Integration Works

Greenhouse How it Works
Invite candidates to one-way or live video interviews from the candidate profile in Greenhouse
Candidates do the video interviews on Spark Hire and you’ll get notified upon completion
One-way Playback
Watch the interview in one click from Greenhouse or share a link with a hiring manager

SeatGeek Hires Faster and Maintains an Awesome Candidate Experience With Spark Hire Video Interviews

SeatGeek Logo

“Prior to using Spark Hire, we would have a recruiter or hiring manager talk to each candidate on the phone for 30 minutes as an initial screen. It was time intensive and inefficient for roles that had many qualified applicants. We easily integrated Spark Hire with Greenhouse. Now, we use video interviewing as the first step in our interviewing process. We’re able to consider more candidates for a role because one-way interviews take less time to review than a phone call. We also find we can move candidates through the process more quickly due to them being able to complete their interview after work hours or on the weekends when they have free time”

Elizabeth Turner

Elizabeth Turner
Recruiting Coordinator at SeatGeek

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