Spark Hire and iCIMS Integration

Screen candidates faster than ever before by integrating video interviews with iCIMS.

Video Interviews Integrated With iCIMS

Watch the demo video below to see how easy it is to configure and use Spark Hire’s video interviewing tool from iCIMS. Using the integration, you’re able to:

  • Invite candidates to video interviews from iCIMS
  • Get notified when video interviews are completed
  • Watch and share video interviews in a single click from iCIMS

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How the Spark Hire and iCIMS Integration Works

iCIMS How it Works
Invite candidates to one-way or live video interviews via a Status Update in iCIMS
Candidates do the video interviews on Spark Hire and you’ll get notified upon completion
One-way Playback
Watch the interview in one click from iCIMS or share a link with a hiring manager

How Spirit Airlines Simplified and Modernized Their Screening Process with Spark Hire Video Interviews

Spirit Airlines Logo

“We needed a simpler and more modern technique to screen candidates quickly for roles we hire for in bulk. Video interviewing allows us to prescreen candidates in a manner which saves us and them time while enhancing the candidate experience. We replaced our cumbersome pre-screening assessment with a Spark Hire one-way video interview. Our team can then narrow down our applicants to the most qualified candidates to invite to in-person interviews”

Dulna Aubourg

Dulna Aubourg
HR Business Manager at Spirit Airlines

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