Spark Hire and PeopleAdmin Integration

Incorporate video interviews into your higher education hiring process with Spark Hire's partnership with PeopleAdmin

Video Interviews Integrated with PeopleAdmin

Watch the demo video below to see how easy it is to leverage the integration between Spark Hire and PeopleAdmin. With the integration, you’ll be able to:

  • Enable Spark Hire video interviews at the job level
  • Invite candidates to live or one-way video interviews
  • Watch completed interviews from the applicant’s page on

… all within PeopleAdmin!

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How the Spark Hire and PeopleAdmin Works

PeopleAdmin Recruit How it Works
Set the deadline for your enabled Spark Hire video interview within the candidate's profile.
Candidates answer your questions on Spark Hire and you’ll be notified upon completion.
One-Way Playback
Watch completed interviews on Spark Hire with a single click.
Spark Hire Features shown on Desktop and mobile device

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