Spark Hire and Workable Integration

Improve your hiring efficiency with pre-recorded video interviews integrated into Workday.

Video Interviews Integrated With Workable

Make better hires in a fraction of the time with the Spark Hire and Workable integration. By integrating your Spark Hire account with Workable, you’ll enable your hiring team to:

  • Set up interview question sets for specific jobs
  • Invite candidates to one-way video interviews
  • Access the links to watch and share the interview in Workable

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How the Spark Hire and Workable Integration Works

Workable How it Works
Invite candidates to one-way video interviews as a hiring stage in Workable
Get notified when video interviews are completed
One-way Playback
Watch and share completed interview from the candidate timeline in Workable

How Open Listings Scales Their Recruitment With Spark Hire

Open Listings Logo

“Our team felt we weren’t truly getting to know candidates well enough over the phone. Since the positions we are hiring for are remote, it did not make sense for us to fly in our candidates. As a result, we decided video would be a really compelling and cost-effective option in our screening process. We use Workable as our applicant tracking system and invite candidates to a Spark Hire interview as a preliminary screen. As a result of using Spark Hire, we save a significant amount of time and select higher quality candidates.”

Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller
Director of Growth at Open Listings

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