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Please follow these brand guidelines when you're mentioning Spark Hire in an article or on your website.

Company Name

When mentioning our company, please correctly reference the name.

Correct: Spark Hire

Incorrect: SparkHire, Sparkhire, sparkHire


You can find our brand colors below.

Main Color - Blue

RGB: 33-61-85

CMYK: 91-72-44-35

HEX: #213d5

Pantone: 534 C




534 C

Accent Color - Orange

RGB: 240-139-31

CMYK: 3-54-100-0

HEX: #f08b1f

Pantone: 1495 C




1495 C


Download all Spark Hire logos or select an individual logo below.

Horizontal Logos

orange and blue spark hire logo

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orange and white spark hire logo

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black and white spark hire logo

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white spark hire logo

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Vertical Logos

blue and orange vertical spark hire logo

Download: .png | .eps

orange and white vertical spark hire logo

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Standalone Flame

flame icon

Download: .png | .eps

flame icon with blue background

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All Logos

all logos zip

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