WEBINAR: Watch a Product Demo of Spark Hire

Join us for a webinar which will walk you through the benefits of Spark Hire and how easy the platform is to use.

HR / Corporate Recruiting

If you're recruiting people to work at the same company as you, attend this session.

Staffing and Recruiting Firms

If you work at a recruitment agency, this webinar is for you.

Why You Should Join a Spark Hire Product Webinar

Attend a live session or view a previous recording of a Spark Hire product webinar to get a first-hand look at the world's #1 video interviewing platform.

Software Demo

You'll see Spark Hire in action when we do a demo during the presentation.

Use Cases

You'll learn how similar organizations are utilizing Spark Hire in their recruitment process.


You'll hear a live Q&A at the end of the presentation and receive information on the next steps.

Jeremy Tolan

Meet Your Presenter, Jeremy Tolan

You're in good hands with Jeremy Tolan, Sales Manager, as he'll use his 5+ years of experience at Spark Hire to provide you with a wealth of knowledge about video interviewing.

Jeremy has personally completed thousands of demonstrations for organizations just like yours so you can be sure you're learning from a true expert.