You rocked Spark Hire Quick Start!

There’s more to explore but first, go see what your Job, Branding, and Video Interview are like from a candidate’s perspective. 

Next, go check out the candidate interview experience

Next steps


Check the email address you used to invite yourself as a candidate.


Follow the link on the Interview Landing Page. Follow the steps to complete and submit your One-Way Video Interview.


Once you’ve submitted your interview and are on the Candidate Dashboard, click on your initials in the  ‘top right corner’ to log out.

When you log back into your company account, you’ll see the interview you just completed. Watch your video, give it a rating, and create a Share Link to send it to a coworker!

Top Right corner of screen to log out

Congratulations! 🎉

You’re ready to start inviting candidates to Spark Hire interviews.