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2023 Infographics

Navigating the Apply-Anyways Candidate Culture

In today's competitive and candidate-driven job market, the 'Apply Anyways' Candidate Culture is a widespread phenomenon that's drastically affecting speed and quality of hire.

2019 Infographics

The Rapid Growth and Evolution of Video Interviewing Technologies

Video interviewing is on the rise, according to’s recent report. Check out the highlights in this infographic.

How to Fix 4 Problems Stressing Your Hiring Team

From a recent Spark Hire survey, discover the top 4 sources of stress for your hiring team and how to fix them.

2018 Infographics

Nightmare On Recruiting Street

Combat recruiting nightmares with 5 hero-worthy tips to improve any recruiting process.

10 Steps for Creating the Best Company Culture Video

Based off our hit blog post, 10 Companies That Totally Nailed The Company Culture Video, this checklist provides you with 10 steps to create a stellar video for your recruitment efforts.

The Evolution of Job Interviews

Interviewing has come a long way since the dawn of time. Interviews used to sound like quiz shows, but now we ask how many golf balls can fit inside an SUV.

2016 Infographics

16 Hiring Problems You Need to Solve This Year (and How)

As the hiring process continues to evolve, staying on top of the latest HR tech trends will be important for your organization when searching for and connecting with top talent. If you plan on hiring in 2016 (which you should be), here are 16 ways to improve your entire process.

2015 Infographics

6 Tips for Using Video Inteviews for Staffing Success

Video interviews are an essential tool for staffing pros looking to connect with only the best talent out there and to maintain great relationships with their clients. Check out this infographic to learn how this powerful technology will enable you to help your clients make the right hire every time.

6 Tips for Using Video Interviews for Hiring Success

As the war for talent rages on, it’s important that companies utilize readily available technologies in order to best acquire top-notch talent. From this infographic, you will learn about the various ways in which video interviews can help hiring pros reach effective hiring decisions.

Let's Get Virtual: Video Interviews vs. Video Chat

Why settle for a chat tool for interviews when you could be using a solution built specifically for talent acquisition? Video interviewing platforms save time and money, improve your employer brand, increase team collaboration and create a unique, sufficient interview experience for candidates.

2014 Infographics

How to Hire the Perfect Grad

Companies regularly experience a flood of applications from qualified candidates competing for open positions. The class of 2014 included more than 1.5 million graduates with bachelor’s degrees. Learn how to best determine which graduate will be the perfect fit for your organization.

How to GYour Staffing Firm with Demand in 2014

The staffing industry is expected to gby at least six percent in 2014. This infographic also highlights new goals that staffing firms should follow to succeed, such as embracing new technologies like video interviewing.

2013 Infographics

Why HR Should Bet on Technology

Get an in-depth look into video interviews and other new technology from this infographic. See how they can help you find and connect with the best and brightest in your industry so you can hire the right people for your open positions.

Staffing Industry Forecast: Video Inteviews on the Horizon

Staffing Industry Forecast: Video Inteviews on the Horizon

Learn why video interviews are the future for smart staffing companies looking to beat out competitors and find top talent for their clients.

Speed Dating and Interviewing: How to Find The One

Speed Dating and Interviewing: How to Find "The One"

Speed dating and video interviewing aren’t as unrelated as you might think. For example, one-way video interviews, where candidates record video answers to interview questions on their own time, can be like speed dates for meeting candidates.

Spark Hire Celebrates One Year of Video Interviews

Spark Hire Celebrates One Year of Video Interviews

This infographic from Spark Hire highlights the company’s achievements and growth during its first year of operation.

2012 Infographics

Do Your Applicants Belong on the Naughty or Nice List?

Do Your Applicants Belong on the Naughty or Nice List?

Learn how you can best determine whether a job candidate is right for the position or not when recruiting during the holidays.

What Employers Can Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

What Employers Can Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

There are many different types of candidates making employers thankful this Thanksgiving season, from the seasoned Baby Boomer to the social media-savvy Millennial.

How to Win the Job or the Presidency

How to Win the Job or the Presidency

A presidential candidate’s campaign is a great model for a job search. Both presidential candidates and job candidates have to worry about many of the same things: what you say, how you appear on film and in person, and your online presence.

How to Impress in Your Video Interview

How to Impress in Your Video Interview

Created just for job seekers, this infographic is full of tips and tricks, such as how to dress and what common interview questions to practice for before sitting down for a video interview.

The Growing Popularity of Video Interviewing

The Growing Popularity of Video Interviewing

Discover the many ways employers are using online video interviewing technology to update and shorten their hiring process. From this infographic, you will also learn about the differences between recorded live and one-way video interviews and how both can save you time and money while evaluating candidates.

How to Avoid Workplace and Hiring Discrimination

Obtain a comprehensive understanding of what hiring discrimination is and is not and find out the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s stance on video interviewing.

The Evolution of Applying for a Job

The Evolution of Applying for a Job

Learn about the various technological innovations throughout the years, such as video interviews, that have contributed to the evolution of the job search.

The Missing Piece to the Hiring Puzzle

The Missing Piece to the Hiring Puzzle

Are you wondering what exactly are the benefits of using video interviews for hiring? This infographic details just that! For example, fifty-five percent of a first impression is based on body language and it’s simple to gain that insight on a candidate with video interviews.

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