Terms of Use

Introduction to Spark Hire's Terms of Use

Since Spark Hire serves several different audiences, customers find it helpful to read the Terms of Use that apply specifically to them based upon the purpose for which they use Spark Hire. For this reason, we link to three separate agreements below for employer customers, job seeker customers, and staffing customers, respectively.

GDPR Notice: Spark Hire seeks to reflect in its business operations the latest trends and law in protecting the privacy of its customers regardless of their location. To this end, Spark Hire develops its policies with a focus to apply broadly across international and geographic boundaries. With respect to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, Spark Hire has refined its internal and written policies to reflect its philosophy and tenets. Please review our Privacy and Security Policy for more detailed information.

For your convenience, we define each of these audiences that Spark Hire serves as follows:

“Employer Customer” means an entity using Spark Hire Services that is seeking to hire an individual as an employee and/or independent contractor to be employed by it directly.

“Job Seeker Customer" means an individual using Spark Hire Services who is seeking to be employed as an employee or independent contractor by an employer.

"Staffing Customer" means a staffing company using Spark Hire Services that provides staffing services to their own Staffing Clients.

So long as your use of the Spark Hire website and services remains within the scope of the particular audience or customer for which you began using Spark Hire (e.g. a job seeker does not use Spark Hire as an employer, or an employer does not use Spark Hire as a job seeker), the complete Terms of Use applicable to your use of the Spark Hire website and services is contained within the applicable Terms of Use linked below.

Please choose the link(s) below applicable to your use(s) of the Spark Hire website and services:

Employer Terms

Job Seeker Terms

Staffing Terms

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about our handling of your personal information, you may contact our privacy officer at privacy@sparkhire.com.