Why Switch From Another Video Interviewing Provider

Since Spark Hire launched in 2012, it has become the fastest growing and most popular video interviewing with more than 6,000 customers in over 100 countries. Below are reasons why you should use Spark Hire over the alternative video interview companies on the market.

Spark Hire is trusted by more customers than other provider.

Consistently recognized as a top rated video interview platform, Spark Hire has more customers than any other video interview provider by a long shot.
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Spark Hire is easier to use.

Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform is developed with ease of use in mind. It’s our top priority to make the software simple to learn so our customers can achieve high user adoption.

The ease of use was immediately evident to my team so it was easy for them to imagine how much time they would be saving on each of their candidate placements.
Candidates have the ability to complete the process with ease. Spark Hire is really easy for the entire team and also the end users because it is such an intuitive platform.
Spark Hire is user-friendly for both us and our candidates. This ensures our candidates have a great experience and they feel at ease (even if it’s their first time doing a video interview.)
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Spark Hire has awesome features.

We focus on building useful features that help you accomplish your video interviewing goals. Spark Hire’s core video interviewing functionality along with its supporting features ensure you’re on top of your game.

My team loves the flexibility of developing custom questions and question sets, reviewing candidate responses no matter their time or location, and ease of scheduling.
The most important feature was having the ability to separate the applicants by "jobs." Doing this has allowed us to look at returning volunteers, leadership applicants, and new applicants separately. Being able to sort everybody into a job has truly helped us streamline our process and stay organized.
I really love Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform because of its ease of use. The user interface is just so user friendly and there is also a tag functionality that helps the team sort through all of the candidates we have in our database.

Spark Hire is more affordable.

Spark Hire’s transparent, affordable, and flexible pricing plans are presented directly on our website. All plans come with unlimited video interviews and scale with your needs.

...Having used other video interview tools, I like how flexible Spark Hire is with the product tiers and price points...
We looked at 3 different providers. For us, responsiveness was a key indicator, as well as being versatile, and price competitive. Between them, Spark Hire was more responsive, customizable, and was better priced.
We wanted the platform to be easy and convenient both us and our candidates. In addition, price was definitely a factor. The other provider we looked at, HireVue, was very expensive so Spark Hire seemed like a great fit.
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Spark Hire's customer service rocks.

The most frequently praised aspect of our business is our customer success team. We’re extremely proud of that. From our friendly account managers to our tech support specialists, our customers best describe our customer service with one simple word: AMAZING.

Spark Hire's customer service is out of this world…
Our account manager made it easy to love the product and helped us immediately. We have never had that dreaded moment of “having” to call Spark Hire with an issue. We are pumped because we always get answers in a delightful manner!
The aha moment was when I realized that I was not alone! I am able to contact our representative or speak with a member of the Spark Hire team for assistance any time I need it.

Spark Hire consistently adds more value.

While we emphasize our video interviewing solutions, Spark Hire also offers completely integrated interview scheduling and outbound video messaging tools.

I think Spark Hire is the best in breed product. Spark Hire listens to my ideas on my calls and over time, I have seen several of those ideas come to life on the platform.
We also love that Spark Hire allows us to promote our brand from within the platform. As a real estate company, branding is what sets us apart over our competition. The fact that branding is provided for free was a real game changer in our eyes.
Spark Hire delivered the results that we sought from a video interviewing platform. It was very simple to use and required little training in order to set things up. It was great to see a product that can be easily branded at a minimal cost.
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Spark Hire is built for organizations of all sizes.

Whether your organization is a Fortune 100 company or a small startup, Spark Hire can help. From the beginning, our mission has been to help as many organizations, big and small, adopt video interviewing as possible.

We use Spark Hire at our North American and Canadian locations for Digital/IMT and Operational roles. There has been an overall reduction in time spent on the pre-screening process. With traditional interviewing, we would spend a minimum of 30 minutes screening each applicant. Using video interviewing, we have cut that screen time down to 6-7 minutes per candidate.
...Video interviewing with Spark Hire has had a very positive impact on not just saving us time in the process, but also allowing us to be more effective in making the right hiring decisions. Being a growing startup company, we can’t afford to make mistakes and hire a new employee that doesn’t work out for whatever reason...
It really is a state-of-the-art way to look at recruiting. Everything today is technology embedded, so using Spark Hire demonstrates to applicants that a university is current with today's norms.

Spark Hire integrates with more applicant tracking systems.

While most of our customers use Spark Hire as a standalone solution, we recognize the value of integrating with your favorite applicant tracking system. That’s why we’ve partnered and integrated with more applicant tracking systems than any other vendor.

Having the ability to schedule and track the video interviews within Jazz is indispensable – and much appreciated!
I liked the JobAdder integration focus, customer support, and ease of set up. I also appreciated the quick account activation as I needed to be able to have something up and running fairly quickly.
We initially selected Spark Hire due to its integration with ApplicantPro, which let us easily connect our applicant tracking system. We’ve continued to use it because we’ve been able to process many more candidates in an effective manner and have a record of the interviews.
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