Video Interviews for Automotive Dealerships

Drive efficiencies in your interview process through the use of video interview software.

  • Bring the resume to life
  • Spend less time on scheduling interviews
  • Assess communication skills of candidates earlier
  • Boost collaboration with different managers
  • Reduce no-shows for final interviews

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How the automotive dealerships benefit from Spark Hire

Video interviews are quickly becoming a “must-have” solution for leading automotive groups.

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Increase your candidate screening efficiency

Candidates record video responses to your job-specific interview questions that you can review on your own time.

  • Speed up your preliminary interview process
  • Get rid of scheduling hassles
  • Decrease no-shows by disinterested candidates earlier
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Improve collaboration with hiring managers

Share interviews with hiring managers so they can provide instant feedback on your interview pipeline.

  • Input from multiple team members helps you make better decisions
  • Save managers time by allowing them to select who should advance
  • Give managers context on candidates before they meet for final interviews
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Discover the best talent for your brand

Identify engaged people who are serious about making an impact at your dealership.

  • See intangibles such as the ability to meet a deadline
  • Gain more insight on how candidates present themselves
  • Accommodate top candidates with a more convenient interview experience

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Hear what Spark Hire customers have to say about video interviews for automotive dealerships

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“The implementation of the Spark Hire platform for the Gurley Leep Automotive Group has been a game changer! With the pandemic it made sense, but we also wanted to be better as a company in our diversity of candidates. Being able to have multiple hiring managers at different locations view the video interview first helped us tremendously. Some advantages have been less time wasted scheduling in-person interviews, decrease in "no show" in-person interviews after they first completed a video interview, filtering out candidates who aren't really serious about the opportunity and so much more. Spark Hire will be a platform we use for a long time to come.”
Larry Sherwood, Corporate Recruiter
Gurley Leep Automotive Group

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