Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Live Video Interviews For Better Hiring Collaboration

According to the Society of Human Resource Management, it typically takes companies at least a month to hire a new employee. Forcing candidates to wait that long for a decision may leave a bad taste in their mouths when thinking about your company and they could decide to look for work elsewhere. For companies to reach hiring decisions faster, it could mean simply enhancing their hiring team collaboration.

In order for a hiring decision to be made, the input of other colleagues may be required. However, having to juggle the schedules of multiple people when arranging an interview with a candidate can be very difficult, if not impossible. Additionally, there may be instances when something comes up at the last minute and a colleague or two can’t be present for a candidate’s scheduled interview. With recorded live video interviews, getting your colleagues caught up with what was discussed is a breeze.

Live video interviews work just like their three dimensional counterparts, only without the travel costs and hassle of scheduling a traditional in-person interview. Moreover, a recorded live interview can easily be shared with your colleagues and played back at any time. If a colleague couldn’t be there in-person and they’re instrumental to the decision, they will still be able to get a good feel for a candidate’s potential fit and qualifications and weigh in on whether to move forward with them or not.

Better hiring team collaboration also means you can ensure that a smart hiring decision is being made every time. A bad hire can cost your company significantly. Recent calculations have determined that the cost of a bad hire can set organizations back $50,000 or more.

Furthermore, by simplifying your collaboration process, you can avoid losing the best and the brightest candidates to your competition. If you’re able to collaborate more easily, you’ll be able to also do so faster. This means that important hiring decisions can be reached quickly, allowing you to extend job offers to talented candidates before other companies can get to them. Once you’ve finally found the best candidate for a position, it would be a shame to see them slip through your fingers.

With obstacles like the skills gap causing headaches for companies across various industries, it is crucial now more than ever that companies take all the necessary steps in order to bring talent through the doors faster. Video interviews are a powerful tool that can help hiring professionals to better collaborate with their team so they can achieve this and ensure their company will experience continued success.

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