Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Video Interviews For Staffing: Better Present Candidates To Clients

An obvious benefit of video interviews for staffing companies is that it allows recruiters to connect with the usually hard-to-reach candidates, such as non-local and passive. Passive candidates usually already have a full-time job and don’t have time in their schedule to fit in driving to another office for an interview. Trying to schedule an in-person interview with a candidate who lives in another country or even just the next town over can be the cause of headaches as well. There are travel costs to consider along with differing time-zones. Furthermore, uncontrollable things, such as weather and traffic, can prevent an in-person interview from happening at all which means having to reschedule — delaying a hiring decision being made.

Video interviews provide the flexibility to work around a candidate’s busy schedule. That rockstar passive candidate can record their one-way interview at the end of a long work day in the comfort of their home using a webcam or mobile device. You can connect with far-flung candidates in real-time, face-to-face with the recorded live interview and expand your talent pool.

However, the benefits of video interviewing don’t just end there. For staffing, the advantages to using this technology go beyond the ability to efficiently connect with local and non-passive candidates. Video interviewing is a powerful tool that will help staffing companies more efficiently place candidates at clients’ companies where they can excel and contribute immensely.

Video interviewing is the ultimate marketing tool available to staffing companies. It provides a better way for recruiters to present candidates to clients so they can conveniently see for themselves if someone has the right communication skills and attitude to fit in at their organization. Your clients will appreciate how much insight they’ll gain on a candidate by watching their video interviews. They’ll have peace of mind knowing that their new hire won’t be a big mistake they’ll regret later on. Furthermore, their trust in your staffing company to provide top-notch candidates will grow.

Additionally, video interviews are a value prop to candidates that can increase their chances of getting a job offer. Through one-way video interviews, a candidate can give companies an accurate look at the type of professional they are. Recruiters can coach their candidates through the process of completing a one-way in order to achieve a polished interview to share with clients. By utilizing video interviews, recruiters are showing their candidates that they value them and that their priority is to position them in the best light to potential employers.

Utilizing video interviews enables staffing companies to ensure that their talent pool is always full of great candidates who have the potential to be great hires for clients. Specifically, the one-way interview can help staffing companies to boost their revenue by establishing strong, long-lasting relationships with their clients who can rely on them to deliver great talent when needed.

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