Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Gen Y Recruitment: 3 Video Interviewing Tips

Gen Y talent will make up the future employees for your organization and the future talent pool for your staffing company. These candidates might be entry level today, but recent statistics show Gen Y will make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2030. It’s time to start flexing your recruiting and staffing muscles so you can attract the tech-savvy Gen Y talent you need and hire great entry level talent that can grow with your company.

While the job picture for current college grads might currently look bleak, the economy overall has seen an upswing. Back in 2010 the unemployment numbers for new grads hovered around 9.4 percent, yet in 2012 these numbers had improved to 6.3 percent. Things are looking up when it comes to recruiting young talent and fostering these new employees within your company. In fact, businesses in 2013 planned to hire at least two percent more college grads than the year before.

So what’s the problem? A whopping 66 percent of employers see college grads exiting school without the right skills for the entry level jobs available. As employers and staffing pros, you need to jump this skills gap to get the right candidates into your entry level jobs.

Thankfully, the video interview is here as a top-notch recruiting tool for connecting with the digitally obsessed entry level talent of tomorrow. Here are three ways video interviews can help when recruiting the top-level college grads and Gen Y talent you need:

1. Video Interviewing Helps You Jump The Skills Gap

As noted, the skills gap is a tough problem for many employers. It’s an especially tough problem if you’re trying to hire college grads for entry level jobs. You might have plenty of positions open, but you’re just not attracting the kind of candidates you need.

The video interview can help you jump the skills gap in a single bound by helping you recruit without borders. Instead of being stuck recruiting out of your company’s or client’s backyard, video interviews allow you to connect with far-flung talent. Now you can search for candidates with the right skills, instead of just looking for the best talent available nearby.

2. Video Interviewing Helps You Connect Personally

To hire the best people, you need to connect personally. The traditional process puts up barriers between staffing pros, employers, and talented job seekers. The video interview, however, smashes these barriers down.

In a one-way video interview, for example, you can see your candidate before you ever talk face-to-face. This allows you to judge communication skills, personality, and genuine interest in the role. If you think the Gen Y candidate isn’t right for the position, you can merely move on to the next great person. Not only can you connect more personally, video interviewing also allows you to shorten the traditional recruiting process.

3. Speak Directly to Gen Y

Gen Y is digitally obsessed, there’s no doubt about it. This generation grew up as digital natives, and they expect the business world to embrace new technology like they have. Most candidates looking to fill your entry level jobs are also looking for companies focused on the future, not stuck in the past. The video interview is a great way to show these candidates how cutting edge your company is, directly from the recruiting process.

For staffing companies looking to present the best talent to clients, the video interview also gives you a way to talk directly to entry level talent. You can connect face-to-face in a live video interview and let candidates know everything your client has to offer. It’s more powerful to hear about company culture and perks in person, where you can adequately judge if the candidate will be a good fit.

Gen Y talent is the future of your organization and the future talent pool for your staffing company. Video interviewing can be a helpful tool to connect personally, jump the skills gap and attract these digitally obsessed Gen Y superstars.

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