Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Internet Marketing Solutions: Hiring The Best With Video Interviews

The marketing industry is changing, and those changes cannot entirely be blamed on the rocky economy. New technology has meant a proliferation of new marketing strategies being employed by smart companies. Digital marketing, mobile marketing, and even text message marketing are all coming into play as technology changes the shape of the industry.

So what does this mean for the recruitment of smart marketing employees? And how can the video interview help your company seize the moment and find the right people to keep moving your advertising efforts forward?

Whether you’re looking for a superstar with traditional media connections or someone to offer you internet marketing solutions, the search for the right person can be tough. Finding the talent you need before the competition scoops them up can seem impossible.

Before we delve into how the video interview can help you nab the best marketing employees, let’s first take a look at the industry at large:

The Current State of the Marketing Industry and the Employee Turnover Issue

Like every industry, the marketing field has seen its share of ups and downs thanks to the turbulent economy. Let’s take a quick look at some facts and figures representing some of the difficulties facing the industry:

  • 82 percent of marketing companies plan to reduce their budget in the upcoming year. A further two-thirds plan to reduce their budgets by as much as 10 percent this year.
  • 44 percent of marketing companies plan to eliminate or delay new projects due to budget concerns, while 26 percent will be hiring freelancers for open positions instead of full-timers.
  • Thanks to the economy, employee turnover has become a pressing issue for many marketing companies. Because of this employee turnover, marketing strategies have suffered. Clients can no longer count on building a relationship, since employees are often leaving.

How Marketing Companies Can Use The Video Interview For Recruitment

So how do you address the employee turnover problem? How do you beat out the other marketing companies desperately trying to scoop up the same talent you’re looking for? Here are a few ways the video interview can help:

Video interviewing for freelancer recruitment: As shown in the stats above, more companies are utilizing the power of freelancers to implement their marketing strategies. It can be tough, however, to be sure you’re hiring the best freelancers. Some of your freelancers might even be virtual workers, meaning they could be located anywhere on the globe.

Thanks to the power of the video interview, you can connect with these freelancers on a more personal level–just because they can’t come into the office for an in-person meeting doesn’t mean you can’t form a personal connection. Thanks to live video interviews, you can have a face-to-face interview even if you’re in vastly different time zones.

Video interviewing for specific skills: Today’s landscape calls for a different set of marketing strategies and skills. Most companies are looking for internet marketing solutions, which means they’re looking for candidates with specific skill sets. Thanks to the skills gap, it’s harder than ever before to find candidates with the high-level, specific skills you need.

You might be looking for a wiz at mobile marketing or a maverick at digital marketing, but it’s likely your company is looking for employees who can come up with top-notch internet marketing solutions. The video interview can easily help you jump the skills gap by helping you connect much faster than in the traditional recruitment process.

Instead of endless emails back and forth, you can watch one-way video interviews of the top candidates and choose to connect personally with only the very best. This will allow you to streamline your recruitment process while simultaneously finding the candidates with the specific skill sets to offer the internet marketing solutions your company craves.

Video interviewing to reduce employee turnover: Most importantly, because video interviews give you that one-on-one connection, you can ensure all candidates you hire fit into the company culture with ease. This means a reduction in employee turnover, since employees who fit into the culture will be more likely to stick around and even improve your company’s marketing strategies.

Hiring the best marketing candidates isn’t always easy. But thanks to the power of the video interview you can connect on a more personal level, reduce employee turnover and find candidates who will thrive in your company culture. So what are you waiting for?

How can video interviewing benefit you?

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