Chapter 2

Chapter 2

One-Way Video Interviews For Speedy Hiring

An efficient hiring process is crucial if you want to avoid having empty positions for weeks or even just a few days. According to the Society of Human Resource Management, it typically takes between 29 and 43 days to hire a new employee. That’s far too long, especially if you need rockstar talent right away to help your company grow. Achieving an efficient hiring process means ditching traditional hiring methods that waste time and improving hiring team collaboration so that decisions about a candidate can be made faster.

Video interviews, particularly the one-way, are powerful tech solutions that allow companies to quickly reach a hiring decision. When you’ve found a great candidate, you need to move fast before someone from the competition can swoop in and steal them from you.

In a one-way video interview, candidates answer pre-set questions and are given the option of re-recording if needed. This provides employers the most polished version of a candidate. Furthermore, one-way interviews are extremely convenient because they can be reviewed anywhere and at any time across devices. You can share candidates’ completed one-way video interviews with team members who can add their notes so that everyone’s opinions can be addressed before a decision is made.

The one-way video interview is also a great alternative to the phone screen, which can last as long as 30 minutes per candidate. Most hiring professionals can tell within 90 seconds if a person will be a good fit for their organization. With one-way interviews, you’ll no longer have to waste time sitting on the phone with a candidate that you know won’t be hired. The one-way interview is the perfect solution to utilize so you can avoid making this mistake again in the future. One-way interviews allow you to assess a candidate for their communication skills, how well they prepared for the interview, and cultural fit. If a candidate is all wrong for the job, you can easily move on without wasting any more time. Research from the Aberdeen Group shows you can watch 10 one-way video interviews in the time it takes to perform just one single phone screen.

Here are some examples of how Spark Hire customers are utilizing one-way video interviews to streamline their hiring:

Company A

Industry: Telecommunications

  • Instead of having to spend hour after hour carefully evaluating resumes because they didn’t want to waste time talking to the wrong people, Company A now sends out one-way video interview invitations to multiple candidates all at once. For a startup where every second counts, video interviewing saves their organization time when recruiting for talent while still connecting with the right people.

Company B

Industry: Public Relations and Communications

  • Company B has several employees that work remotely or are required to travel frequently. When it came to hiring new employees, decisions were delayed due to people’s varying schedules and availability. By implementing the one-way video interview into their hiring process, they are now able to better collaborate amongst their team (wherever they are in the country) to reach a smart hiring decision more quickly.

Company C

Industry: Information Technology and Services

  • Company C has saved “hundreds, if not thousands” of hours by using video interviews for their hiring needs. With thousands of applicants applying to every one of their open positions, they weren’t able to connect personally with every candidate. This meant either wasted time in the process or missing out on potentially great hires because their resumes aren’t an exact match. Using one-way video interviews, Company C screens through hundreds of candidates for entry-level positions to senior sales roles. They got a personal feel for candidates without wasting up to 30 minutes on a phone interview with the wrong person.

Video interviews are a highly collaborative tool and make it easier for everyone on your hiring team to be on the same page. This will lead to smart hiring decisions being made and offers being extended more quickly so that the best people that your company wants and needs don’t end up with your competitors bringing them more success instead.

How can video interviewing benefit you?

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