Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Video Interviewing Tips

Video interviewing is much like having an in person interview. Video allows job seekers to get some much needed face time with recruiters and hiring managers. So make sure you make the most of this face time with some simple tips on how to impress in your video interview.

Speak Clearly

We’ve talked about the importance of communication skills [link back to what is video interviewing] and here is the perfect place to show off those skills. You might be nervous but now is not the time to let “ums” or “ahs” get in your way. Your dream job could be just one One-Way Interview away, after all.

Set the Stage

Staging is important for an effective virtual interview, whether you’re answering questions or speaking live to a hiring manager. Look behind you, is your backdrop ready? If the background of your video is cluttered you’re sending the wrong message. Your verbal and nonverbal cues could be great but your staging is telling a different story. Make sure to find a well-lit, professional, and clean space for your interview.

Dress for Success

Think just because it’s an interview online you can skip the three piece suit? Think again! Employers are going to be judging you just as they would if you met them in person. What you wear tells employers important information about who you are. More specifically, it tells employers just how serious you are about the job. So dress professionally.


The most important part of any video interview (or any interview in general) is preparation. Research the company and practice answering common interview questions. If you prepare for your interview you’ll be well on your way to landing your dream job!

How can video interviewing benefit you?

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