Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Use Video Interviewing To Bridge The Gap

Admit it: the traditional hiring process can be a long road to travel. Video interviews are building a better bridge to circumvent all the traditional hiring roadblocks.

For instance there’s the endless resumes to review, the phone screens taking an average of 30 minutes per call, and at this point recruiters haven’t even found their best candidates. Once you do you’re in for more interviews, only this time you have to schedule those interviews with the candidate in person. If you have passive candidates already working, now you have major scheduling difficulties to work around. No wonder the average position takes 45 days to fill. It’s a miracle it doesn’t take longer!

For job seekers, the interviewing process can be no less painful. You’ll often have endless phone and in person screens to sit through. This means scheduling, traveling, and maybe even taking time off work.

Online interviewing is a great way to shorten this process. Instead of swimming through the endless stream of resumes and interviews: build a bridge!

Virtual interviews can help shorten the process between sorting through resumes and finding the perfect hire. For instance One-Way Interviews are a great way to cut out those time consuming preliminary phone screens.

Job seekers can record answers to text-based interview questions posed by employers, showing off their communication skills, charisma, and qualifications. Best of all? They can record these interviews on their own time, even from their mobile devices. Employers can then view these recorded video interviews whenever their schedule allows. No more 30 minutes wasted on a candidate an employer knows isn’t right in the first 90 seconds.

Video interviewing allows both job seekers and recruiters to save time so they only have to focus on the best opportunities. Instead of having dozens of qualified candidates in for interviews, only bring in the top prospects for an in-person meet and greet.

Video interviews can also work as a way to effectively shorten the hiring process for both job seekers and employers. Employers will spend less time sourcing candidates and more time focusing on the individuals right for the job. Job seekers can use video to interview for jobs both near and far without all the travel and scheduling difficulties. Online video is building a better bridge between the job application and finding the perfect fit.

How can video interviewing benefit you?

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