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Video Messaging

How video messaging works

Empower your team to stand out with our simple video messaging platform.

Video Messaging Record

Record or upload a video

Easily select a video you want to use in your video message by recording/uploading
Video Messaging Build

Customize your video message

Generate the content you want to appear alongside your video message and determine if you want the video message to expire automatically after a certain amount of time.
Video Messaging Share

Share your video message

Generate a shareable link or add recipients to track and get an email notification when your video message is opened by specific people.

Video messages for in-house recruiting teams

Empower your HR and talent acquisition team to use video in all phases of your hiring process.

Sourcing Candidates

Send personalized videos to candidates when you’re sourcing a pipeline. Make your recruiting emails and messages on platforms such as LinkedIn stand out amongst all of the communication your candidates are receiving from other organizations.

Hiring New Employees

Get hiring managers or future team members to record videos that encourage a candidate to move forward in your hiring process and become the newest member of your team. Take it a step further and make an offer on video to show your genuine interest.

Onboarding New Hires

Welcome new employees to the team by sending them a video before they start. Show them the human side of your company to make them feel more at ease before their first day. Your new employees will appreciate this personal and warm greeting.

Engaging Employees

Send broadcast video memos to groups of employees instead of the dreaded “long email from HR.” Get praise from executive leadership for taking a proactive approach to engaging employees through this innovative medium.

Video messages for staffing and recruiting firms

Integrate video as a key part of the marketing strategy for your recruiters and account executives.

Include a video in your email signature

Every recruiter and account executive at your recruiting firm should link to a video from their email signature to put a face to the name.

Market your clients to candidates

Get your clients to send you a quick video to sell candidates on their open positions and use this video in your messages when recruiting for them.

Personalize your outreach to clients

Show clients that you’re taking a proactive approach to finding the best candidates for your clients by including videos in your sourcing messages.

Grow your relationship with clients

Make your client touchpoints more personal and engaging by using video messages to supplement your regular emails and calls.

Update your candidates using video

Keep your candidates informed on where they stand in the process with you and your clients by sending personal video updates.

Drive new business by standing out

Help your sales team dominate the competition by differentiating themselves and highlighting your firm’s innovative approach to doing business.

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Video recruiting made easy

Start using video messaging to weave video into every phase of your recruiting process.