Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Video Resumes: An Enhancement To Paper

You’ve gotten what you need to know about video resumes, but why all the buzz about them? And what does this mean for the traditional paper resume?

A Profile Video is an enhancement, but not a replacement, to the traditional paper resume. Though video resume websites are in abundance, paper resumes remain a staple to the applicant screening process. They simply add a visual and auditory element to the story your resume attempts to get across.

Here’s what your Profile Video is adding to your resume:

It Shows And Tells The “How”

Going back to resume basics, each job experience you discuss should have a few tailored accomplishments achieved, not duties you did day-to-day. Doing this shows the employers your capabilities and past performance. At the same time, the brevity of the traditional resume doesn’t allow you to both show and tell them the “how” of the situation in greater detail.

In your video resume, however, you can expand on the “how” of your accomplishments a little bit more. Because the video is just as brief, don’t fall into the trap of reciting exactly what’s listed on your resume. Touch on one or two accomplishments relevant to the position at hand. For example, if you’re applying for an entry-level web development position, explain how you created a custom e-commerce application and what results it achieved.

Adds A Personality To Your Resume

Though paper resumes are great at showing what you do, they don’t do a great job telling who you are as a person. They fail to pick up on your mannerisms, communication style, and presentation abilities – factors that are important for employers to evaluate in the hiring process.

With a Profile Video added to your resume, you present more than what you can offer, you present your true self. You may think that it’s risky and vulnerable to present yourself through video, but employers are looking for a candidate who not only can do the job well, but one that has the passion, enthusiasm, and drive to carry out the company’s mission. Within your employment video, be sure to talk about your own values, goals, and career aspirations and soon you will see if they naturally fit alongside the company’s own objectives.

Makes The Screening Process Easier For You

Employers aren’t the only ones who benefit by the quickness and simplicity of the screening process. Video resumes actually benefit a job seeker’s candidacy because it allows for an honest and (sometimes) quicker decision to be made.

If an employer examines your resume and likes it, but then sees in your video you’re not a perfect “fit” in their company culture, they will let you out of the running promptly so you can focus your efforts elsewhere. On the other hand, if you’re resume didn’t initially align with the employer, but your video resume absolutely won them over, you’re more likely to advance into the next steps of the hiring process. Either way, having a Profile Video simply provides more information so that a better and informed hiring decision can be made.

How can video interviewing benefit you?

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