Popular Video Interview Questions

If you’re like most candidates, you’re probably researching popular video interview questions in preparation for the real thing. Good news! We have you covered.

Why study popular video interview questions

To market yourself as a top candidate, it’s important your video interview answers are tailored to how you can help the organization grow, and how your past experiences have molded you into a desirable employee.

Tell us about yourself.

This is the most generic, yet telling, question you’ll most likely be asked during a video interview. This question is typically asked at the beginning of an interview and its purpose is to get a feel for your background — so be sure your answer is light, yet informative.

Key points to cover:

  • Professional work experience
  • Industry knowledge
  • Education
  • Professional extra curricular activities
  • Causes you are interested in

It’s important that your answers stand out from other candidates, like how you are a marathon runner, how you volunteer at the local dog shelter, or how you are a board member of an organization related to the job and/or industry. For example, if you’re applying for a human resources role, you might want to include how you are a member of SHRM or a comparable group. This makes you look like a well-rounded, interesting individual — which is crucial for fitting in with any organization’s company culture.

Job Candidates ready to interview
Job candidates ready to answer question

Why do you think you’d be a good fit for this position?

This is your highlight reel! No matter the level of the job, this question will be asked in some way or another. This question will be a great way to show off your skills and your passion for the industry you are applying for.

Key points to cover:

  • How your past experiences have prepared you for the position
  • How you have succeeded with similar roles in the past
  • What you plan on doing to succeed in this role

Showing interest in the industry shows devotion to the job while explaining your past success in the industry shows you can be trusted.

Why are you pursuing this job?

This is just another way of asking “Why are you leaving your current position?” Be careful answering this question! Rather than rant about a bad experience, by explaining how you are ready for more responsibility in a new role, or how you are looking to advance your skills, shows you are devoted to growing professionally with the company.

Key points to cover:

  • Research the industry and how the company competes within the space
  • Express interest in growing your skills while also growing with the organization
  • Reiterate how your past employment gave you the basic knowledge you need in order to take on a new role

Often times hiring managers use this question as a way to see if you’ll bring up failed projects and if you’ll be defensive or gossip about previous employers. Remember, never express negativity toward a past employer or co-worker in the interview.


These are just a few popular video interview questions so we also suggest reading

Practice some of these responses with a family member or friend before completing your video interview. A polished video interview can lead to an in-person interview, and better yet, a job offer, so be sure your answers are interesting, insightful, and most importantly, natural – no one wants to hire a scripted robot!

How to Answer Popular One-Way Video Interview Questions

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