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How AcademyX Uses Spark Hire to Gain More Insight on Candidates in Less Time

A Quick Overview

By using Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform, AcademyX Computer Training can easily go through several candidates in a short period of time and gain important insights to make the best hires.

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Using Spark Hire was a great decision for us.

- Stephen Fraga, CEO at AcademyX

The Takeaway

  • When AcademyX is expecting more than 50 candidates to apply to an open job position, they have them fill out a Spark Hire profile and answer three simple questions.
  • With video interviews, AcademyX evaluates a candidate’s skill set and cultural fit without worrying about scheduling conflicts.
  • AcademyX is able to screen more candidates in a short amount of time—quicker than reading through dozens of resumes!
  • Video interviews help to make better hiring decisions thanks to Spark Hire’s sharing and collaboration features.
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The entire staff gets to critique a potential applicant because we can share the video.

- Stephen Fraga, CEO at AcademyX

The Basics

Whenever AcademyX anticipates a high volume of responses to their open positions, they ask the candidates to fill out a Spark Hire interview so they can weed out those who weren’t serious about the job, or those who aren’t a good fit. By utilizing Spark Hire, the hiring managers at AcademyX don’t need to go through hundreds of resumes and they can easily collaborate internally by sharing the video interviews with each other.

The Challenge

The biggest issue AcademyX was having is the hard time putting a face to a resume, and truly understanding who their candidates were.

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The major frustration was getting so many resumes and being unable to get a clear picture of what the applicants were really like.

- Stephen Fraga, CEO at AcademyX

With Spark Hire, they were able to eliminate those candidates who weren’t motivated or who weren’t technically-inclined enough to do the interview.

Video To The Rescue

Using Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform, AcademyX Computer Training is able to address the challenges of their traditional hiring approach in the following ways:

  • Screen More Candidates. With the ability to sift through short videos, AcademyX can better evaluate their candidate’s skills and personality in order to hire the best candidates that fit within their culture.
  • Save Time. With Spark Hire, the hiring managers at AcademyX don’t need to spend a lot of time going through hundreds of resumes.
  • Gain Important Insights. Sometimes it’s not 100% clear a candidate is a good fit by just reading a resume. By including video interviewing into the hiring process, hiring managers can pick up on non verbal cues and other important candidate insights needed to make great hires.
  • Collaborate With Team Members. To ensure candidates are suitable for the job, AcademyX shares the video interviews internally to enhance team collaboration.

The Results

AcademyX leveraged one-way interviews on Spark Hire to make several great hires!

Quote Mark

The responses we get are SO much better than sifting through resumes trying to extrapolate from a PDF to what an applicant is really like.

– Stephen Fraga, CEO, AcademyX Computer Training.

AcademyX Computer Training provides hands-on, instructor-led computer training and offers training in MS Office, Adobe, web design, and programming. To learn more, check out their website and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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