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Case Study: Adcap Network Systems

How Adcap Network Systems Uses Spark Hire to Save Time and Money in the Hiring Process

A Quick Overview

By using Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform, Adcap Network Systems could find great diamond in the rough candidates that a traditional applicant tracking system would have ignored -- all while saving precious time and plenty of money in the hiring process.

The Takeaway

  • Adcap Network Systems cut down on the painful process of hiring great entry-level talent, where it was always difficult to weed through piles of similar resumes.
  • Video interviews help the company see personality and ability earlier in the hiring process, allowing them to find talent the typical ATS may have filtered out.
  • Hiring for just one role in the company could have cost as much as $3,000, but with Spark Hire’s affordable video interviewing solutions it only cost $99!
  • Using video interviews they were able to quickly evaluate over 500 candidates in a little over a month without wasting time on lengthy phone screens.
  • They plan to expand their use of video interviewing to the majority of their roles, beyond just entry-level and senior sales.
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@WorkingAtADCAP of @AdcapNet "We screen 1000 people in the time it used to take us to screen 50 people with @sparkhire #JobMobile...

- A Tweet from TheLadders Job Mobile Event

The Basics

Adcap Network Systems is a company in the information technology sector helping to plan, deploy, and support business technology solutions. The company is always looking for great people for the 20 to 30 hires they make each year, but it can be costly and inefficient to hire the traditional way.

The Challenge

Finding the right candidates in a wide candidate pool isn’t easy, and it’s especially difficult when weeding through entry-level candidates with similar resumes. Adcap Network Systems didn’t want to miss hiring the best people just because an applicant tracking system filtered out their resumes. But connecting personally in the hiring process proved time consuming, costly, and difficult.

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For some of our roles, we receive several thousand resumes, so screening them on the phone wasn’t feasible.

- Brad Wilkins, Director and Talent Management at Adcap Network Systems

Employing a hiring solution like an outside recruiter or ATS could be bank breaking. For instance, using an outside recruiter for just one role could potentially set the company back more than $3,000! Using a top-notch ATS could be even more expensive, and these systems often filter out candidates who don’t meet specific criteria, but could be surprisingly great employees.

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Video Interviewing allowed us to look at more candidates in less time and find diamonds in the rough. For instance, one of our best entry-level sales candidates was a biology major. A traditional ATS system would’ve eliminated him, and now he’s one of our top performers!

- Brad Wilkins, Director and Talent Management at Adcap Network Systems

Video To The Rescue

Using Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform, Adcap Network Systems was able to address the challenges of their traditional hiring approach in the following ways:

  • Widening The Candidate Pool. Thanks to video interviews, Adcap Network Systems can get a better feel for a candidate’s qualifications, drive, and personality. Even if the candidate doesn’t seem like the perfect fit on paper, in a video interview they can show off the new ideas and enthusiasm they would bring to the role.
  • Saving Money. Unlike a costly ATS system or the fees of a top-notch recruiter, utilizing video interviews is a cost-effective way to cut down on the traditional recruiting process and still find the best candidates. One month of a recruiter’s time could cost up to $3,000, while Spark Hire’s video interviewing solution only costs $99.
  • Saving Time. Adcap Network Systems has saved “hundreds, if not thousands” of hours with video interviewing. With thousands of applicants applying to every open position, no one has time to connect personally with every candidate. This means either wasted time in the process or missing out on potentially great hires because their resumes aren’t an exact match. Using one-way video interviews, Adcap Network Systems screened through 500 candidates for an entry level position quickly. They got a personal feel for candidates without wasting up to 30 minutes on a phone interview with the wrong person.
  • Simple Collaboration. Scheduling preliminary interviews becomes simple thanks to the asynchronous nature of the one-way video interview. It’s also easy to share great candidates with the whole team, easing the collaboration process around a new hire.
  • Connecting Personally.
Quote Mark

It was great to be able to share the interview experience and put a face AND personality with a name before they even came through the door.

- Brad Wilkins, Director and Talent Management at Adcap Network Systems

The Results

Adcap Network Systems was able to cut down the hiring process, save money, and find truly great outside-the-box candidates using the video interview. While Adcap initially started using video interviews to recruit entry-level candidates and interns, the company is continuing to expand the usage of this technology in the hiring process.

They now use video interviews to recruit for senior sales roles and hope to expand usage to include video interviewing for all roles within the company. Thanks to the video interview, Adcap Network Systems can polish up diamond in the rough candidates into shining superstar employees and improve the overall efficiency of their hiring process.

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We hope to use video interviewing for a majority of our roles. It’s certainly the future of interviewing, and as a technology company that sells Cisco products – it’s up to us to lead the way!

- Brad Wilkins, Director and Talent Management at Adcap Network Systems

Adcap Network Systems provides secure and reliable information technology systems. To find out more about Adcap Network Systems check out their website and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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