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Case Study: Agility HR Group

How Agility HR Group Uses Spark Hire to Improve Their Submit To Hire Ratios and Boost Revenue

Jennifer Vaughan's Video Review

About Agility HR

Agility HR Group’s goal is to create outstanding experiences and cultivate long-term relationships with clients and candidates by connecting best in class employers with top talent in the markets they serve. Agility HR Group exists to preserve their clients’ most precious resource, time, while finding their most important asset, top talent.

Goals for Video Interviewing

Agility HR Group works predominantly with CEOs, HR leaders and Hiring Managers, so they needed a tool that would help them save their clients as much time as possible during their recruiting process. Their team wanted to give their clients an experience that would eliminate all of the countless hours spent trying to find the perfect candidate.

Q&A with Account Executive, Jennifer Vaughan


What are some of the results you’ve seen with Spark Hire?


We have grown substantially since we’ve implemented Spark Hire. We are now billing 300% more than we were at this very time last year. Our submit to hire ratios have also improved. Before we started conducting video interviews, our submit to hire ratio was 3:1. This means, for every three candidate submissions we would have one hired. Now, for every two candidates submitted, one is hired.

That’s fantastic in our industry.


What is the biggest impact video interviewing has had on your role?


As the person in charge of business development at Agility HR Group, I can tell you that when I go out to sell our services, Spark Hire is our differentiator. It’s a key selling point for me and our company. Our clients have reacted very positively to our video interviews, because they have the ability to review them on their own time.

My salary has gone up, my commissions have gone up. I’m loving Spark Hire.


Why should other staffing and recruiting firms look into video interviewing?


Did I mention that our clients love Spark Hire? Hiring Managers ask for this tool. Clients that have been working with us for a while and use video interviewing through us, really see the value. They’ve especially taken to rating their candidates directly on the platform.

Because our clients are trusting in our expertise and the technology, the videos they are seeing truly help them get to know the candidates we select for them.

Really, it’s just amazing.


What are some things you love about Spark Hire?


Spark Hire has exceeded my expectations, as well as the entire company's expectations.

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