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Case Study: BarkBud

How BarkBud Uses Spark Hire To Save Time And Focus On Growing Their Business

Nikki Bisht's Video Testimonal

About BarkBud

BarkBud is a group of amazing dog walkers in NYC. Private GPS tracked walks, insured, vetted, and experienced dog lovers. BarkBud focuses on building close relationships with each dog. They know that your pup is a special member of your family, so they treat every dog like they were their own.

Goals for Video Interviewing

The goal for BarkBud was to increase their ability to interview, screen and hire more walkers.

Q&A with Founder, Nikki Bisht


What are some of the results you’ve seen with Spark Hire?


Before we started using Spark Hire, the amount of time and energy it took for interviewing applicants, setting up interviews and conducting the actual interviews was massive. Sometimes that resulted in finding applicants and interviewing applicants that weren’t the best fit for our team.

Since implementing Spark Hire, we have found it easier to hire candidates that better fit our company culture.


What is your favorite aspect of video interviewing?


I suggest Spark Hire to anybody looking to hire multiple applicants at a time. I promise you it saves so much effort and so much energy. It’s way worth the money and I know you’ll appreciate it.

You’ll get the time back in your day that you can spend on other decisions for your business.


Why would you recommend Spark Hire to other businesses?


I can definitely say that implementing Spark Hire has been one of our best business decisions we’ve made here at BarkBud for furthering our company.

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